• INVESTMENTS IN CRISIS A meeting for everyone who wants to achieve success in business July 2, 2022

  • This is the third edition of News dedicated to Metamorphosislondon We invite you to watch the interview with Dr. Jacek Ćwirko Ćwirko - dentist's office, prosthetic implant, invisalign and the winner of the competition, Anna Pawłowska, who tells how she feels after a salutary visit to Dr. Ćwirko, which restored her beautiful, radiant smile.

  • Polish Heritage Day Gloucester

  • We invite you to watch the second issue of News dedicated to Metamorphosislondon An interview with the very nice winner of the competition, Kasia Gołąbek, who talks about the pleasant and difficult moments of transformation and fighting for herself

  • Dear! The final of Metamorphosislondon is getting closer. The winners of the competition fight for each other with all their strength, and all partners and sponsors put their whole heart into improving their well-being and appearance.

  • We invite you to watch the report from the 1st Birthday of the Best POLISH BAKERY OLAWA Bakery Wirral You can visit the local Olawa bakery shop in Wallasey! They are waiting for you from Monday to Saturday! Opening hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm, and Saturday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • We invite you to watch the report from the Polish Heritage Days | Polish poster exhibition at the Central Library in Manchester, the theme of which is the 130th anniversary of the birth of three Polish generals: Władysław Anders, Stanisław Maczek and Stanisław Sosabowski

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, The Polish Personality of the Year Competition Edyta Felsztyńska started in the second edition. The process of accepting applications of candidates for the competition is open and will last until June 15, 2022.

  • Announcement of Sławomir Mrożek's "EMIGRANTS" PREMIERE, which will take place on May 28, 2022 in The Hague / Netherlands. Directed by: Hanna Grosfeld-Buda Production: Buda Staging Performance Foundation

  • Happy Easter from WYSPA TV Easter traditions and customs in Poland.

  • WYSPA TV with best Easter wishes to all our viewers Easter is a particular time when symbolic religious rites and folk traditions intertwine into one. We have a big surprise for our viewers. Kasia Kate Jaworska is painting a colossal egg

  • SURPRISE IN ISLAND TV QNDEL | Children's Charts every Sunday at 11:00 am Tomasz Lubert - Composer, guitarist and music producer. Founder of Virgin, Video and Volver music bands, associated mainly with the music genres: pop and rock, now in children's songs. Ewa Lubert - presenter of the Children's Charts. Privately, wife of Tomasz Lubert.

  • When the founders of Woman in The World, Irmina M Przybyłowska and Marta Katarzyna Borowiecka, organized the 1st Conference of Active Polish Women, no one expected it to be the best decision and a huge success. Also, no one expected so many interested women to take part in it. The time has come for the 2nd Conference of Active Polish Women and we will meet in London on April 10, 2022.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, after a two-year break, Poland Event Party Telford is back! On April 1, 2022, a special guest, the legendary DJ Hazel, is waiting for you

  • International Women's Day | Wirral Change

  • We have reports from the casting of the 7th Edition of Metamorphosis London for you. This wonderful project was created thanks to amazing ideas. Marta Katarzyna Borowiecka & Irmina M Przybyłowska

  • 188 / 5,000 Translation results Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very sad subject. Russia's attack on Ukraine has become a fact. First of all, war is a tragedy of innocent people, where nobody chooses the means.

  • Betania Warrington, the Catholic Spiritual Renewal Community, has organized a fundraiser that will continue for a few more days. The fundraiser concerns the release of a certain Pakistani family from slavery and ask their supporters and friends for kind donations for this good cause.

  • O! GAMES! - The Polish Convention of Fans of Board, Card and RPG Games

  • 30 Final WOŚP

  • Klubowy WOŚP part 4 | Poland Event Party Telford

  • Polska Grupa Rowerowa UK on Sunday morning, 23 January this year. with a big smile on her face, she walked the streets of London.

  • The Association under the slogan "Creative Child" in cooperation with the Association "Polonia in the North of Morocco" meant that Moroccan children had the opportunity to learn about Polish culture.

  • On January 9, 2022, the retinue of the Magi, which has gone down in history, passed through the streets of west London in a royal style, and we will be able to admire its continuation at the beginning of next year.

  • We invite you to watch a short report from Christmas Eve in Wirral Change | Birkenhead Wirral Change We are pleased to present splendidly operating Polish Diaspora Organizations and support their development.

  • Pol-Ski & Snowboard Club UK is a group of Polish skiers and snowboarders living in Great Britain. So if you are interested in winter sports, you can join and experience many great adventures and experiences with them.

  • Christmas Eve is the most beautiful evening in many homes that everyone is waiting for with joy. How do Poles celebrate in Saratov? We invite you to watch the report from this Polish community event in Saratov, Ирина Каменская, Anton Kuznetsov

  • A short report from Christmas Eve in the Polski Kościół Liverpool and remember that on the following Christmas Eve, everyone who wants to come and sit down at the table with friendly people is invited.

  • New Year's greetings for all viewers are sent by our friend Wyspa TV from Polonia in Morocco

  • Dear viewers, our friends. We wish you a healthy, peaceful Christmas and prosperity, cordiality and many successes. WYSPA TV Team

  • News 21.12.2021 Christmas is a beautiful time, and one of the Christmas Eve traditions is an additional set for a needy person. Polski Kościół Liverpool organizes a traditional Christmas Eve dinner each year where there are many more places to set the table.

  • News Great 20.12.2021 Announcement for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The preparations are in full swing, and we also want to connect with you and show the efforts' strength and Power of your actions.

  • NEWS 19.12.2021 How to use networking meetings in practice, gain interest in talking about your company, brand, and maintain relationships with newly met people?

  • 12/12/2021, from 11:00 to 14:00, will be a wonderful Polish Christmas Eve at Wirral Change, to which the charming organizers, headed by Ola Zachara, are WELCOME.

  • We present the Polska Grupa Rowerowa UK which brings together bicycle enthusiasts from all over the UK. 🚴They organize meetings, joint long and local trips, training and MTB and road cycling training, and trips for families with children.

  • November 30, 2021, St. Andrew's Day for children took place at Wirral Change This evening was magical for the little ones because it was full of traditional divination, games and activities. We invite all children to visit Wirral Change and their parents to follow the events from there.

  • News 28.11.2021 Santa Claus is a time of meetings, special events, games with friends and acquaintances, and we have a preview of the upcoming Santa Claus party for which you are INVITED BY PISC CIC

  • WYSPA TV, The long-awaited video of camping enthusiasts at Marwell Resort, ended with success and a high attendance rate. This is why the organizers of the Polish Caravaning Team * Na * Hak * To * - Caravaning & Camping UK-Polish group are planning another three rallies in 2022

  • Independence March 11 November 2021 in Warsaw Marek Majcher - Editorial Office of

  • Business Networking for people running businesses in and around Reading. The meeting is a great opportunity to meet other Polish entrepreneurs in order to establish new contacts, meet the widest possible circle of entrepreneurs from various industries, which is conducive to effective information exchange and a friendly business atmosphere.

  • In the news on October 29, 2021, the organizers of this amazing event, Irmina M Przybyłowska & Marta Katarzyna Borowiecka, told about the conditions and rules that participants must adhere to in order to take part in the project and enjoy the sense of beauty and happiness given to us by fate for a long time.

  • Ms Anna Buckley - Director of the Polish Integration Support Center and Ms Agnieszka Przybyłek Pieza - Independent social worker, Family Director in London. The topic of our meetings was the Polish Ball, which takes place in London on October 2, 21. The invited people were divided in divisions after the Ball, but also told about the activities, thanks to the blog, that they were noted and invited to share in the life of the Polish diaspora on the islands .


  • HOT NEWS 16.10.2021 3 Edycja Biegu Memoriałowego Dywizjonu 303 pod Londynem (Feltham)

  • Charity Action in London The Greatest Showman

  • NEWS LIVE connection with London during the "9 Million Hearts" Festival

  • HOT NEWS 28/09/2021 Action of charity events in London

  • Thank you for inviting Ola Zachar and Wirral Change Family Fun day for Everyone. The Wirral Culture & Diversity Festival was a great event with lots of attractions

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to present to you a substitute from this beautiful event which was the Gala Woman in the World Awards 2020 organized by two amazing women Marta Katarzyna Borowiecka and Irmina Maria Przybyłowska A great project shows how beautiful POLONIA in the UK is. We will not write about it because no description will reflect what you see

  • The 1st Conference of Active Polish Women is behind us. The discussion panels included many motivational and educational lectures and lectures in the field of personal development and health. The speakers discussed the challenges of Polish women in exile. It is worth emphasizing the incredible value that the panellists conveyed to the participants of the meeting. The latter did not hide their delight, the power they felt and the strength to make their dreams come true by fulfilling themselves. Polish women are amazing. We proudly present this admirable event.

  • The 1st Conference of Active Polish Women on 11/09/2021 is the version of two discussion panels. Many lectures are planned, and in the evening, the second edition of the Woman in the World Awards 2020 plebiscite will begin. We wish all participants great fun.

  • HOT NEWS!!! 29/08/2021 👉 Already in a week! There will be a fantastic party in Manchester from 3 to 5 September. Cathedral Gardens, Manchester M4 3BG 🎬The WYSPA TV team will also be there with a camera to capture the performance of our favourite Katy Carr

  • On September 11, 2021, WYSPA TV will be with a camera at the 1st Conference Active Polish Women in London to which we were invited by the co-founder of the magazine "Woman in the World". Irmina Maria Przybyłowska & Marta Katarzyna Borowiecka discuss the joint project for Polish women in exile to inspire and motivate Polish women to act.


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