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"STARS NIGHT WYSPA TV" 2024 Terms and Conditions

The "STARS NIGHT WYSPA TV" 2024 event is organized by the Wyspa TV Team and the Board of Golden Rule LTD, represented by Maria Anna Furman, Przemysław Majdak, and Andrzej Galant. We are thrilled that you have decided to join us for this special event. Below, you will find important information regarding the rules that apply during the event, including dress code regulations, awarding procedures, and other significant matters.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the points of the terms and conditions to ensure that you fully understand and comply with the rules during the event. Should you have any questions or concerns, our team is available to assist you in any situation. We wish you an unforgettable and enjoyable night at Stars Night 2024, celebrating the third anniversary of Wyspa TV!

Stars Night Wyspa TV 2024 was initiated thanks to the pioneers of the Wyspa TV team. The decision on nominations was made in the second year of this initiative, which we aim to continue in the coming years. Courage and visionary approach have inspired many to take on challenges that previously seemed impossible. We have the opportunity to appreciate and reward exceptional individuals and projects. Our initiative has shown that sometimes it only takes one person or team to inspire others to act. Stars Night 2024 will conclude with a spectacular finale, an exceptional opportunity to honour the winners and thank all participants. During the ceremonial event, the hosts will present the winners in each category, showcasing their remarkable achievements and contributions to their field. Awards will be presented in the presence of special guests, making the ceremony even more spectacular and exciting. For our laureates, being announced as a winner is not only an honour but also a recognition of their work. After receiving the awards, laureates will have the opportunity to deliver a short speech.

As organizers of the prestigious Stars Night 2024 event, we ensure that the entire process is fair and transparent:

1. Stars Night 2024 will take place on 05.10.2024 at the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool from 18:00 to 00:00.

2. Participation rules:
Each attendee must have a valid named ticket and a valid ID for ticket identification at the entrance. This requirement stems from the safety rules for all event participants.

3. Dress code: Ladies – evening gown | Gentlemen – suit.

4. Awards: Statuettes for deserving individuals presented during Stars Night 2024 are awarded solely by the Wyspa TV Team, which constitutes the Board of Golden Rule LTD, and the Audience Star chosen by Wyspa TV subscribers through voting on www.wyspa.tv among all nominated entries.

5. Lottery: Every event participant will be entered into the Lucky Name Wheel and participate in the prize draw. Only attendees present at the event can receive a prize as a result of the draw.

6. Behavior rules: Defining behaviours that are accepted during the event, as well as prohibited behaviours that may lead to removal from the event. The behaviour rules are established to ensure the safety and comfort of Stars Night 2024 participants and to maintain a level of culture and good manners. Therefore, organizers define behaviors that are accepted and welcomed, and those that are prohibited and may lead to consequences, such as removal from the event:
Accepted behaviours include respecting the privacy of others, using polite and respectful language, adhering to designated areas, and following safety rules.
Prohibited behaviours may include aggression towards other participants, using vulgar or offensive language, smoking in non-smoking areas, consuming alcohol or other intoxicating substances in prohibited areas, and violating other safety rules. If a participant violates the behaviour rules, organizers may apply various sanctions, such as a warning, expulsion from the event, or calling law enforcement. In this way, organizers strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for participants during the event.

7. Organizer's liability: The organizer will make every effort to ensure the safety of event participants at the highest level. To fulfil this duty of care, organizers must take appropriate steps to identify and minimize risks associated with the event and take measures to prevent accidents and injuries. The organizer's liability towards the Royal Liver Building for damages caused by participants should be documented and transferred to the event's insurer.

8. Photography and filming rules:
During the event, there will be photojournalists, camera operators, and media representatives. All of them perform their tasks in accordance with professional ethics and legal regulations. The event is subject to rules regarding photography and filming. Cameras and photographic equipment may be present everywhere, except in bathrooms. Every participant who purchases a ticket for the event simultaneously consents to the free publication of their image for promotional purposes under the theme: Stars Night Wyspa TV 2024.

Stars Night 2024 will highlight the most deserving individuals and emphasize cooperation with Wyspa TV for 2023/2024. The edition includes many different categories:

1. PROJECT STAR - award for an individual or project that has had a significant impact on the industry or community over the past year, introducing innovative ideas or solutions.

2. STYLE ICON STAR - recognition for an individual who exudes a unique style, inspiring others with their approach to fashion and presentation.

3. DEBUT STAR - category for young talents or debutants who have gained recognition in a short time and show great potential for the future.

4. ARTISTIC STAR - award for outstanding achievements in music, art, theatre, or film, for individuals or teams that have distinguished themselves with exceptional artistic contributions.

5. INNOVATION STAR - recognition for a project, technology, or initiative that has introduced significant innovations and changed the way of thinking in a given field.

6. LEADER STAR - category for individuals or organizations that have had a significant impact on the community for many years, engaging in charitable, social, or environmental activities.

7. VISIONARY STAR - award for an individual whose vision and determination bring about significant changes in the industry or society, ahead of their time.

8. STAR OF INSPIRATION - award for an individual whose story, activities, or achievements serve as a source of inspiration for others, motivating action and personal development.

9. PR STAR - Effectiveness in communication. This category should nominate an individual or agency that has demonstrated exceptional ability to manage communication and public relations effectively.

10. BUSINESS STAR – this award will only appear in the sponsorship offer, whose business allows for such a gesture.

Among all candidates, one more award, "Audience Star," will be selected, which will gain the most sympathy from our viewers/subscribers, and they will decide who receives the "AUDIENCE STAR".

As a thank you for active voting, we will draw three interesting prizes for our subscribers. If you are not yet a subscriber to WYSPA TV, we invite you to join our wonderful community.

The selection of nominees for STARS NIGHT 2024 is conducted by the Wyspa TV Team, i.e., the organizer | Board of Golden Rule LTD:

1. The organizer has full rights to select nominees and make award decisions.

2. The organizer is obligated to notify nominees of their nomination and the date and place of the award presentation.

3. The announcement of the award will take place during the Stars Night 2024 event.

4. The organizer's decision is final and is not subject to any appeals or complaints.

5. Nominees accept the terms and conditions, are obligated to purchase a ticket for the event, and consent to the use of their image and personal data for purposes related to the promotion of the event and must be present at the event to hear the verdict and possibly receive an award.

6. The terms and conditions are effective from the date of announcement by the organizer and are valid throughout selecting nominees and awarding the prize.

7. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and without reason.

8. Any disputes arising in connection with the selection of nominees and awarding of the prize will be settled by the court competent for the organizer's seat.

9. The terms and conditions are available on the organizer's website. Final Provisions: These terms and conditions contain general rules, procedures, and solutions regarding complaints or dispute resolution. They aim to ensure transparency and clarity in the final process and to protect the rights of both parties.

Participation of Nominees at the Stars Night 2024

We want to inform you that each nominee wishing to participate in the Stars Night 2024 ceremony, scheduled for October 5th, 2024, must purchase an admission ticket. Two types of tickets are available, Standard and VIP, allowing participants to tailor their attendance to their preferences.

A ticket purchase is essential for confirming attendance at the Gala and enables the organizers to ensure the highest standard of event preparation and service. The choice of ticket type depends on your preferences regarding the manner of participation in the Gala.

We encourage you to purchase promptly to ensure comfortable participation in the event and the opportunity to celebrate your achievement in the unique atmosphere of Stars Night 2024.

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