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Maks Solarski

During the 2022 season, Maks achieved his biggest accomplishment in his sporting career at the EasyKart World Finals, where he finished on the lowest podium step. He also participated in the British 24h race, one of the year's biggest challenges. Maks spent nearly 3 hours behind the wheel during his night stint in rainy conditions for the first time in his life. After his pit stop, he handed over the kart to their team driver with a solid 1 lap lead. At the end of the 2022 season, Maks took part in the JamSport Racing scholarship, successfully advancing to Stage 2 and then progressing to the final. He performed well and became the 2023 JamSport Racing Scholar. These results demonstrate Maks' exceptional driving skills. Throughout his career, he has competed in numerous club and national championships, earning impressive results, leading him to accumulate over 125 trophies with many podiums and wins. This year, Maks will debut in the car racing world by participating in the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship, which also races alongside the TCR UK series.

John Parker

John Parker, a resident of Hampshire near London, has Polish roots and a big heart. So when the Russo-Ukrainian War escalated in February 2022, he didn't hesitate to join the fight for good. He was deeply moved by the tragic events and ready to help in any possible way. The motivation for John was the story of his grandfather, who, as a war orphan, lost both parents in a prisoner-of-war camp in Siberia during World War II. Saved by a charity organization, he was sent to a children's centre in Africa, from where he ended up in the United Kingdom, where he remained. The memory of his grandfather prompted John to take action for Ukraine. With his charity organization, John's Red Bus, he raises funds for humanitarian missions to help refugees and animals affected by the conflict. He purchased a minibus and a van with his money, transporting tons of aid to Ukraine. He has carried out over 15 missions with other volunteers, saving over 30 refugees and dozens of animals and delivering over 20 vehicles to Ukrainian defenders. For John, every bit of help is valuable, and he tries to do everything he can to ease the situation for people experiencing the war's effects. Every little bit contributes to achieving the goal. Recently, many people have devoted their time and effort to helping Ukraine, but John goes one step further. This is already his sixteenth trip to Ukraine, during which he transports humanitarian aid and supplies for soldiers in his red minibus. He also helps refugees and their animals escape, supporting them. Every donation is welcome if you want to help John and his organization rescue people and animals. The more support they receive, the more they can achieve. Just find John's Red Bus and support however you can. Thank you very much for your help!

Teresa Hassane

Teresa Hassane lives in Bury near Manchester. She was born and raised in Germany. However, he values his Polish roots and tries to maintain his Polishness. Her parents ended up in a camp in Germany during World War II, they met there, and Teresa was born there. She always wanted to have a sense of identity and to belong to the country her parents came from, which allowed her to feel proud of her Polish roots. She came to the UK with her parents when she was 16. Her parents and other volunteers founded the Polish Club in Bury, raising money to buy land to build a new centre for the Polish community. This history dates back more than 60 years. Teresa is happy with the influx of young Poles because they bring freshness and a new perspective on the club's activities. She is the mother of two well-educated daughters. She has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She makes sure that everyone knows the Polish language and Polish customs. She says that she has a Polish heart but cannot define precisely which country is her homeland. She feels a great attachment to Great Britain, the country where she lives, which gives her a sense of security and her children's education. However, she believes that fate brought her here, not choice. Teresa has been associated with the Polish Club in Bury from the beginning; she focuses on the needs of the Polish community and cares for Polish culture, history and traditions. The club has a Polish school, church and many activities, of which Teresa is very proud. Currently, he is the President of the Polish Club in Bury. Still, he emphasizes that the entire board has enormously contributed to the club's operation and development.

Anna Partyka - Judge

A woman of beautiful age. She does not believe in superstitions. And if she encounters any along her way, she overcomes them with good thoughts, actions, and a smile. Anna Partyka - Judge was born and raised in Świnoujście. She is a graduate of the Teacher Training College in Szczecin. She completed her studies at the Academy of Music in Poznań (Branch in Szczecin). Since 1988, she has been president of the "Na Wyspie" Literary Club for several years. She debuted her poetry in 1977 in the weekly magazine "Spojrzenia." Her poems were published on Polish Radio Szczecin and in the Szczecin press. Several of her works were featured in the almanack "In the Shadow of the Sea" (1980), "Inner Seas" (1997), "In the Warm Sand of Poetry" (2002), "Emotion Catchers" (2010), and "Poetry is in Us" (2012). She also published a collection of poems titled "I'll give you that much." (1999). Ania says that the adventure with poetry continues. However, life is not poetry but a tough art. And although she doesn't perform on the stage, she plays the leading role in her own life theatre. Music and poetry are still present in her life. They allow her to build a bridge between what hurts in life and what is reborn, inspired, and beautiful. Life energy has been filling Anna since the moment she was born. She infects others with positive thinking. She is a cheerful, sociable, and open person. Like everyone, she also has moments of doubt. Seemingly weak, yet strong enough to take on another life challenge. In the meantime, she published her own poetry collection, sang in the choirs of the Music Academy and the Medical Academy, gained experience on the musical theatre stage, and conducted an orchestra and choir at the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle. She is the author of many wonderful books, such as "Resonance of Time," "On the Edge of Feelings," "Puzzles," "Monopoly - the Game of Everything," and many others. Travelling abroad results in more energetic changes in her life. She records fantastic broadcasts, including for Wyspa TV, and greets her fans with a big red heart and a characteristic slogan: "Being a young writer...". Ania is simply wonderful.

Frank Prazer

Frankie JE Prazer in the world of music and events. It is a story worth knowing. From 1999 I sang at karaoke in Stourbridge, West Midlands. In 2000 I moved to Bedford, continuing to perform karaoke at Litton Tree. At the end of 2000, I moved to Luton and started singing semi-professionally. I have participated in three 24-hour singing marathons and organized two 26-hour marathons for the NSPCC and Keech Hospice, raising thousands of pounds. I organized two karaoke competitions at the Norman King in Dunstable (2006-2007), performed with Stars in Your Eyes finalist George Anthony (2005-2007) and in a pantomime and murder mystery with the Clifton Players (2006-2007). I also performed in two musical shows for the charity Bed Scarf and had numerous solo appearances in Luton and Dunstable (2000-2009). From 2009-2011, I was event project manager for Luton Love Music Hate Racism, opposing racism and fascism from EDL. In addition, I co-founded Luton In Harmony with Luton Borough Council - a volunteer group promoting Harmony among cultural diversity, launched in January 2010. My responsibilities included: fundraising, market research, cooperation with clients, budget management, organization of locations, catering, first aid, coordination of suppliers, marketing and sales of exhibition space and tickets, posters and solving current problems. Luton in Harmony aims to celebrate the community's diversity and unity and build a positive image of the city. We encourage people to wear a badge and sign a card, declaring their pride in belonging, working with people of different backgrounds, and promoting their beliefs in a spirit of peace and Harmony. Visit lutoninharmony.co.uk. In 2010, I received the Luton in Harmony Award for Community Cohesion from the Bedfordshire Community Awards. In May 2012, I helped open and run the first Polish pub in Luton, which became a meeting point for the Polish community. I was also a business manager for Blujeanz Records and Heritage Associates, managing artists such as Clint Eastwood, General Saint and Aisling O'Reilly. Blujeanz has become a significant feature of the Love Luton Festival, with over 250 artists on ten stages over three days. In July 2012, Aisling O'Reilly performed at the Olympic Village in London. In 2013 I decided to leave Blujeanz Records to start my own company, Easy Entertainments, with over 25 artists performing nationwide. In 2013, I was nominated for Community Business Person of the Year at Luton Best Awards and Luton Community Awards. In 2014, I was nominated for Best TV Presenter for Sunday Night Live, an interactive radio and TV show that featured local and international artists. In addition, tropical FM TV station won the best interactive TV station award at the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Awards gala. Nominated for Community Person of the Year at the 2014-2015 Luton Community Awards and for the 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award at the Luton Best Awards. The 2011-2015 Luton Best Awards engaged my artists to perform at prestigious galas. I was the stage manager and host of Luton Mela, a South Asian festival from 2013-2015 that drew 25,000 people 2015. I started the We Shall Overcome Luton project with two others - a concert against homeless austerity and a local food bank opposing government cuts. The show lasted 12 hours and raised a lot of money. Below is a short article written by Tony Hendrix of Luton At Large and Internet Magazine, read by over 300,000 people. Frankie Prazer, who has devoted much time and energy to help improve Luton, is leaving the city for the West Midlands. Frankie has been part of many significant events in Luton over the years. He was involved in "Love Music, Hate Racism", "Luton In Harmony", and "Love Luton" in 2012. It organized various multicultural events such as Batighor Luton, Boishakhi Mela and Luton Mela. He also collaborated with the Polish community, running a Polish pub on Elizabeth Street, which became a meeting place for Poles and English. Frankie introduced Tropical FM TV to many events in the city and often acted as a compere at charity events. Nominated for numerous awards, it will be a massive loss to Luton's diverse, multicultural community. Frankie said: "It's been an unforgettable time in Luton, and I will continue to support the city even when I'm far away. Luton will stay in my heart, but it's time to move and settle. Thank you for the opportunity to do what I've been doing, and no, I'll forget it." Frankie will be remembered for his dedication and commitment to the city. The promoter of all-around events in Luton, Dunstable, Beds and the West Midlands. In 2016, I started working with Kamila Poczetek and Monika Sedlak as part of WOŚP Redditch. I also founded the groups We Shall Overcome Dudley, and The Great Get Together Dudley. From 2018 to 2021, I organized the first Black Country Multicultural Day, which celebrates the cultural diversity of the Black Country through the music and dance of different cultures standing side by side in peace and harmony. I also helped organize a sizeable Polish event in Worcester. In Luton in 2019, I helped organize the Polonia Festival, Diwali in Luton and Luton Mela. In 2022, I organized a fundraiser for Ukraine, WOŚP Luton, East Fest - a celebration of the Eastern Bloc countries living in Bedfordshire. I also collaborated in organizing the St. Patrick's Festival in Luton. I call myself Mr Multicultural because I believe we all bleed the same colour and share many common values.

Katy Carr

Katy Carr was born in Nottingham to a Polish mother and a British father of Scottish descent. She initially spent her childhood in Włocławek, Poland. Singing since primary school, she earned several awards in the field even before attending high school. Fascinated by aviation in her youth, she aspired to become a pilot. Katy became involved with the Air Training Corps, an organization that trains aviation cadets in England, and as a teenager, she obtained a warrant officer license. Her role models included Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart. Like them, Katy Carr wanted to fly planes and become a British Royal Air Force pilot. She soon obtained her pilot's license in the RAF and a private pilot's license (PPL). Over time, her fascination with music grew more robust, and she followed it professionally. Katy Carr is an artist who not only achieves success on the international stage but also actively promotes Polish culture and works to preserve and popularize it. She has proven her loyalty to Poland and its cultural heritage through charitable activities and participation in many cultural events, including Polish Heritage Day. Her love for Poland is strongly present in her work, and her dedication to popularizing Polish culture serves as an inspiration to many fans both in Poland and around the world. Katy Carr is a British singer, songwriter, and recording artist with Polish roots who has independently released six albums. Her latest trilogy, Paszport (2012), Polonia (2015), and Providence (2020), is inspired by the experiences of Poles during World War II. As a musician, aviator, and multi-instrumentalist (playing piano, ukulele, banjolele, and vintage keyboard instruments), she performs worldwide. She conducts workshops for various generations in the United Kingdom, Poland, Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Germany), the USA, Mexico, and Canada, while maintaining contact with her audience through live transmissions in 2020/21. One of Katy Carr's songs, "Mała Little Flower," was inspired by the story of Irena Gut Opdyke, a Polish Catholic (b. 1922), who saved the lives of twelve Jewish friends by hiding them in the basement of an SS officer's house and later fought as a partisan alongside Polish partisans under the pseudonym "Mała."

PolFolk UK

We are pleased to present you with another nomination in the "FOLKLORE STARS" category for the prestigious STARS NIGHT WYSPA TV 2023 award.
It is the most colourful and wonderful family in the UK.
They created a Polish brand called PolFolkUK, which is recognizable in Great Britain and other countries. Their goal is to show that folk culture is not only a history page but can also be modern and fashionable. They bring it back to grace, giving it a modern touch and awakening love for Polish folklore.
PolFolkUK is a brand as colourful as a mosaic, in which Magdalena Przybycień, Jarosław Tkacz and little Gabrysia form a beautiful team, inspiring various nations with Polish folk culture. They delight with their design but also remind us of the richness of Polish cultural heritage. It's like a magical combination of tradition and modernity, which makes everyone feel like a person connected with folk culture, but in a modern version.
PolFolkUK strives to revive folk culture through innovative projects that refer to tradition. All this is to show that Polish cultural heritage can still be alive, inspiring and contributing to its promotion worldwide, thanks to which it gains new admirers

Wendy Warrington

Another nomination in the "HUMANITARIAN STAR" category for the prestigious STARS NIGHT WYPA TV 2023 award is addressed to a brave woman. Thanks to her dedication and unyielding determination, she becomes a symbol of hope and solidarity among Ukrainian refugees.

Wendy Warrington, originally from Tottington, is actively involved in supporting the Polish community at the Polish Center in Bury. This extraordinary nurse and midwife has dedicated the past year to providing aid to Ukrainian refugees. She resigned from her job in the UK to lovingly care for pregnant women and newborns who, while fleeing war, often desperately need immediate medical assistance.

Fluent in Polish, Wendy feels a personal calling to help those forced to leave their homes due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. So, eager to care for their well-being, she journeyed to the Polish border, where she became a vital medical team member in Przemyśl. Together with two young medical students, they form an unwavering first-aid team.

Although Wendy appears unyielding on the outside, she harbours a sea of emotions within. Whenever an opportunity arises, she retreats to her trailer, where she allows herself a moment of emotional respite in silence and solitude.

The situation at the border grows increasingly dynamic, and Wendy emerges as a hero among the refugees who seek help from this remarkable woman. The touching stories of the people she talks to become a constant source of motivation, driving her to continue her efforts.

Wendy has ambitious plans. She wants to return and share her knowledge with others, teaching basic resuscitation procedures. She also intends to establish a clinic where expectant mothers and those who have recently given birth can find support and care.

Wendy's commitment goes beyond direct assistance – she is also involved in fundraising for Ukraine. Through her dedication and unwavering determination, Wendy becomes a symbol of hope and solidarity with refugees in these challenging and difficult times.

Robert Jankowski

The time has come to announce another nomination in the "HOST STAR" category. This nomination is special because Robert S. Jankowski is also the face of the prestigious STARS NIGHT WYSPA TV 2023 award and will host this amazing event for you.

Robert S. Jankowski is a character who exudes energy and enthusiasm. He infects everyone who is lucky enough to meet him. He is an independent entrepreneur with a heart that is always open to others, full of empathy and willingness to help. His free time is not only an opportunity to rest but also time to support charitable projects. Always ready and active in organizing various events and concerts. Indispensable in conducting successful charity auctions.

Robert is a real volcano of energy that can attract the attention of any audience. Thanks to his charisma and ability to run events, he is loved by both Polish and English society. For years he has been involved in events related to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and Polish Heritage Day in the UK, which proves his deep involvement in social and patriotic matters.

Robert is a man whose presence makes people smile and feel at ease. He is the best host of any event, an irreplaceable guide through an evening full of excitement and emotions. It is like an orchestra, where each instrument perfectly fits its role and sound.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that Robert is the face of the first edition of Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023. For the Wyspa TV team, he is irreplaceable, and this nomination underlines the admiration and great appreciation for his talents, skills and commitment. Robert S. Jankowski is a character who inspires, motivates and delights. A real treasure for every event.

Tasty Polish Cooking

This is our next nomination in the "CULINARY STAR" category for the prestigious STARS NIGHT WYSPA TV award, and we direct it to real culinary masters „Tasty Polish Cooking”.

Rafał and Iwona Rutkowski are a married couple known throughout Liverpool. They own a small but exceptional restaurant called "Tasty Polish Cooking", which has won the hearts of locals and tourists worldwide. Their culinary talent and passion for cooking make it possible to taste the best Polish dishes in their restaurant.

Rafał and Iwona are undisputed masters at indulging their customers' taste buds. Their culinary talents and creativity make the dishes they serve works of culinary art. In their restaurant, you can enjoy the best meal and cakes that taste and appearance will delight even the most demanding foodies.

Their passion for cooking and dedication to their work in the restaurant have earned them recognition and respect among culinary experts and customers. In their restaurant, you can feel an atmosphere that makes you want to return - a place where the combination of flavours, scents, and ambience make every guest feel exceptionally pampered with culinary delights, and their dishes are always prepared from the highest quality natural ingredients.

However, it is not just their culinary skills that make them exceptional people. Rafał and Iwona are always ready to help others - wonderful people who always have a smile on their faces. Their hearts are open to the needs of others, and they regularly engage in charitable activities. Their hospitality and positive energy make every guest feel welcome in their restaurant.

Their nomination in the Culinary Star category of the prestigious Stars Night Wyspa TV event is well-deserved. It proves that their passion for cooking and dedication to their work in the restaurant are bringing them increased recognition as they create something more than just a place to eat delicious food. They undoubtedly deserve recognition and admiration.

Maria & Wiesław Grotyńscy

This is the next nomination in the "BUSINESS STAR" category for the prestigious Stars Night Wyspa TV award. We direct it to an amazing couple. They say that home is not their whole world, but the whole world is their home. You have to get to know them.

Maria and Wiesław Grotyńscy, known as the "Traveling Couple," are examples of marital harmony, persistence, and determination in running a joint business. Fascinated by exploring the world, they have visited over 70 countries and organized 54 extraordinary training trips to the most picturesque corners of the globe over the past 25 years.

Their passion for travel and entrepreneurial spirit has allowed them to reach the pinnacle of success within Forever, a company specialising in aloe-based products. Maria, a former mathematics and physics teacher, is now the author of the bestselling book "Passion Breeds Success," which has received recognition from both readers and critics.

Since 1995, Maria and Wiesław Grotyńscy have developed a network marketing structure within the international enterprise Forever. In 2021, they achieved unprecedented success in the Polish market, earning a promotion to the prestigious position of Diamond-Sapphire Manager.

The fruits of their hard work include seven cars received as rewards from the company. They have built the largest and fastest-growing entrepreneur structure in the United States. Together with their team, they generate annual revenues exceeding 12 million Polish złotys.

Maria and Wiesław Grotyńscy have organized numerous impressive training events, often gathering over 1,000 participants, utilizing their skills, experience, and business knowledge. For 28 years, their structure has continuously grown worldwide, never experiencing a decline in revenue.

A certified Mental Coach, Maria shares her knowledge on platforms like Facebook and leading groups like "The Path to Manager" and "The Subconscious Academy." Their determination and diligence prove that network marketing yields the best results. Their story is undoubtedly inspiring and deserves a nomination for the prestigious Stars Night Wyspa TV award. Additionally, Maria serves as the godmother of the Wyspa TV television project, as she was the first person invited for an interview in the "Taste of Development" program hosted by Editor Maria Anna Furman.

Eva Szegidewicz

We present another nomination in the "COMMUNITY STAR" category for the prestigious STARS NIGHT WYSPA TV 2023" award, which we direct to an incredibly modest person who entirely spends her activity on charity.
Eva Szegidewicz is a woman of extraordinary courage and steadfast determination, which she draws from the history of her family and Polish roots. Born and raised in Manchester, she has always been proud of her origins and strived to impart knowledge of Polish history. She devotes her time and energy to promoting and preserving Polish history, culture and traditions.
In her social activities, Eva has been very successful. She was the Director/Trustee of Kresy-Siberia and a member of the Executive Committee of the international Kresy-Siberia Foundation in Great Britain. This enabled her to research, commemorate and honour Polish citizens fighting for freedom and survival in eastern Poland and in forced exile during World War II. As a member of the Association of Families of Military Settlers of the Borderlands and the Polish Veterans Association, Eva served as President of the Association of Friends of Polish Veterans in Manchester.
In 2014, she founded the Polish History of World War II Group of Borderland Families, and in 2019, she founded the Polish Centre „Wilno” Manchester. It is a meeting place that serves the community to organize various types of events, as well as to transfer knowledge and strengthen interpersonal bonds. The Center hosts traditional Polish and other educational and cultural events thanks to her efforts. Eva is also a very active member of the Polish community, which shows her passion and dedication to her work.
Eva is a leader with a tremendous Polish heart. Everything she does is for the good of the community, regardless of whether it organizes Polish Heritage Day celebrations or collects donations to help Ukrainians. Her modesty and selflessness are amazing. Eva devotes her activities to others and does not seek profit or fame. Her work is simply a great love for Poland and those who love her.

Krzysztof Kazub

Krzysztof Kazub is an extremely talented ZHP instructor and the Scouts' Governor in the Gdynia Troop. His passion for scouting began in primary school when he joined the Komando Scouts team in Bełchatów.
He has been operating in the Gdynia Troop in Manchester for five years, where he revolutionized scouting activities. He took over the function of Team 6 DH Gdynia Manchester, where only two scouts participated in collections, and thanks to his efforts and hard methodical work, now several scouting units, cub groups, thriving parents of cubs and scouts in the Circle of Friends of Scouting operate in the troop.
Friend Krzysztof is a man full of creativity and great ideas who lives by the rules inscribed in the law and the scout promise, not only at collections but every day. He is a model and authority for many of his charges and the staff he works with. He always cares about every scout and instructor so that he develops and strives for his goals, and above all, he is a good person and an exemplary member of the ZHP.
Thanks to the initiative of Friend Krzysztof, an extraordinary Song Festival, "Harce z Wickiem", takes place every year, and many camps, rallies and bivouacs it organizes are real adventures during which it teaches its charges resourcefulness, independence, and above all shows in practice what means to be a scout.
Krzysztof has a big heart and great interpersonal skills, he easily attracts people of all ages to him, and thanks to him, many people, even adults, decide to put on a uniform and start living "a scouting way".
For Friend Krzysztof, scouting is not just a hobby but a way of life. The principle guides him: "Do not do unto others what is unpleasant to you". Krzysztof is an extraordinary person whose passion and commitment to scouting attract many people, improving their lives.

The Polish Group in Wirral Change

We present to you The Polish Group in Wirral Change.

It is the last nomination for the prestigious STARS NIGHT WYSPA TV award in the "COMMUNITY STAR" category. We are convinced that this wonderful group of Poles deserves their nomination. It is a team of exceptional people led by two leaders, Urszula Dyrka and Aleksandra Zachara. They all stand out with their huge hearts and willingness to help, and they can also create amazing events that stay in memory for a long time.

Last year, they organized the first anniversary of Wyspa TV for us, during which we had the opportunity to taste great food and spend time in a unique atmosphere. The group organised this event and obtained a free room from Wirral Change, which only confirms their commitment and determination to achieve their goals.

I would also like to add that the group is always open to cooperation and is eager to engage in various social activities. Their involvement in the local community and positive attitude towards others deserve our recognition and admiration.

This group is an example of how important it is to share one's skills and knowledge with others and how much can be achieved when acting with passion and determination. Therefore, we are convinced that the Polish Group in Wirral Change is not only worthy of nomination but also an inspiring example for the whole community. We are very grateful to them for their openness and willingness to help at any time. Their positive energy, creativity, and openness to others greatly impact us. Therefore, we can confidently say that The Polish Group in Wirral Change are a true diamond in our community.

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