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Lottery Regulations

Royal British Legion Lottery Regulations

1. The lottery organiser is the Wyspa TV Team with the Management Board of Golden Rule LTD, represented by Maria Anna Furman, Przemysław Majdak and Andrzej Galant.
2. The raffle is for a charity, which aims to raise funds for the Royal British Legion.
3. The lottery takes place as part of the Gala Stars Night Wyspa TV, which will take place on June 24, 2023.
4. Terms of participation in the lottery:
a) Participation in the lottery is voluntary and open to natural and legal persons who donate one or more gifts to the lottery.
b) Gifts donated to the sweepstakes must be worth not less than £50.
c) The gifts must be delivered to the address indicated in the email by 10.06.2023 at the latest to participate in the lottery.
d) The Organizer reserves the right to reject gifts if they violate applicable law or moral norms, are dangerous to health or life, and if the Organizer considers that the gifts are inappropriate in the context of the purpose of the lottery.
e) Donors who donate gifts must accept and comply with the sweepstakes rules.
5. Lottery prizes:
a) The prizes in the lottery are gifts donated by donors, which will be drawn among lottery participants.
b) The prize draw will occur during the Gala Stars Night Wyspa TV on June 24, 2023.
c) Lottery donors who will not be present at the gala cannot present gifts themselves, and the prizes will be handed over without their participation.
6. Advertising and promotion:
a) The company that will donate gifts to the lottery will be presented on the wall among donors during the Stars Night Wyspa TV gala.
b) The company may use the title and description of the sweepstakes and information about the gifts provided by it for advertising and promotional purposes.
7. Reservations:
a) The Organizer is not responsible for gifts donated to the lottery.
b) The organizer reserves the right to change the lottery regulations at any time without giving any reason.
c) The competent courts will settle any disputes concerning the lottery.
8. Final Provisions:
a) The lottery regulations are available on the website www.wyspa.tv
b) Using the lottery services means acceptance of these Regulations.
9. The proceeds from the lottery will be ceremonially handed over by a symbolic check to a representative of the Royal British Legion at the Gala Stars Night Wyspa TV with a statement transferring the amount (x) to the organization's account.

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