The regulations define the rules for the provision of certain services of the WYSPA TV project by the company

Golden Rule LTD entered into the Companies House GOV.UK register under the number: 12228368 as VOD (video on demand).



  1. Subscriber - a consumer who has purchased subscriptions for a specified period of time according to the order form.
  2. Activation - activities in starting the access to VOD (video on demand) programs.
  3. Price list - a list of prices of services offered by WYSPA TV in accordance with the billing rules and constituting an integral part of the subscription.
  4. Customer service is provided via the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  5. WYSPA TV Internet Customer Service Center, available at www.wyspa.tv under the conditions set out in these regulations, after logging in, the subscriber receives an individual account through which information on the services provided is made available.
  6. The fee is the amount of money paid by the subscriber to WYSPA TV as a symbolic support for a project created by the Polish community integrating Poles around the world.
  7. Subscriber - a natural person using WYSPA TV services not related directly to their business or profession.
  8. Billing period - monthly auto-renewable for which the subscriber makes voluntary payments (e.g. direct debit), starting and ending from the start, counted up to a full month.
  9. WYSPA TV does not provide any promotional packages due to the adopted symbolic fee for the VOD (video on demand) service.
  10. The number and scope of programs may change, but in such a way that it does not adversely affect the subscriber's reception.
  11. Point of sale available on the website www.wyspa.tv.
  12. WYSPA TV - a project created by Golden Rule LTD called the creator, an entity authorized to conclude contracts and make changes for the benefit of the project.
  13. Bill - a financial document issued by Golden Rule LTD, a debit note confirming the purchase of a subscription and sent to the e-mail address provided by the Subscriber upon registration.
  14. These Regulations constitute an integral part of the subscription for the delivery of services.
  15. Registration - activities, including providing the required data in order to conclude a contract for the use of WYSPA TV services.
  16. Subscription - an agreement for the provision of WYSPA TV services on the terms set out in the Regulations.
  17. Internet Television Service, including VOD (video on demand) - a service provided electronically, which includes access to audiovisual content, programs and additional services, available for the duration of the subscription under the conditions specified therein.
  18. Order - actions taken by the Consumer aimed at using the services available on the website www.wyspa.tv.



  1. The service is provided on the basis of an agreement concluded between WYSPA TV, a project created by Golden Rule LTD and the Consumer, under the conditions set out in these Regulations.
  2. The contract for the provision of services is concluded in electronic form, including via remote means in accordance with the letter of the law and confirmation of the contract, sent to the e-mail address provided (remember to check the "spam" tab).
  3. Based on the data provided and acceptance of the Regulations, automatic registration takes place.



  1. WYSPA TV provides services for the provision of proprietary television programs via the Internet, as well as related services and additional options.
  2. Both the availability and withdrawal of programs do not require a change to the agreement or prior notification to the Subscriber.
  3. All programs in which invited guests participate are created for the needs of WYSPA TV and Golden Rule LTD. This means that agreeing to participate in the program is tantamount to full acceptance and does not require additional authorization for publication on all platforms belonging to WYSPA TV and Golden Rule LTD.
  4. WYSPA TV will expand the range of services available on offer and functionalities as new technical possibilities arise, without the need to change the Regulations, and detailed information on the scope of available services is available at www.wyspa.tv.

    The service is available globally, and Subscribers can use it to the extent and under the conditions specified by Internet providers of various countries, depending on their place of residence.

  5. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - audiovisual content available in the service is works that are protected in accordance with the law. WYSPA TV uses authorization and content encryption systems. Disseminating, disseminating, copying, distributing and publicly playing additional programs or services available as part of the service or using the content available therein for purposes other than personal use, as well as any other interference with the content or form of works broadcast as part of them ARE PROHIBITED.
  6. To receive services, it is necessary to have a device with Internet access (computer, tablet or smartphone).
  7. Golden Rule LTD for the WYSPA TV project exercises due diligence to protect privacy and personal data and takes measures to increase the security of using the services, however, it is not possible to completely eliminate all risks associated with the use of the Internet, including the risk of unlawful interference by unauthorized persons.



  1. The subscriber undertakes to:
    1. not to copy the Programs in whole or in part for purposes beyond the scope of personal use, in particular if it is connected with obtaining financial benefits,
    2. using the services in accordance with the Regulations and the separate terms and conditions for the provision of services applicable to the subscriber and applicable law, including not violating the privacy or personal rights of another person,
    3. not to make the service available and not to use it commercially for the benefit of third parties, without the consent of the creators of WYSPA TV.
  2. For violation of the conditions set out in these Regulations, the Subscriber shall be liable under the general rules set out in applicable data protection law, as well as copyright and related rights.



  1. WYSPA TV has the right to suspend the provision of services in full or terminate the contract with immediate effect, upon prior notice to the Subscriber to cease violations, if any.
  2. Services are resumed after all reasons for suspension have ceased to exist. WYSPA TV may make the resumption of the provision of services conditional upon a written request from the Subscriber.



  1. The regulations, price list, contract and separate conditions for the provision of services may change depending on the situation, project needs and in the event of a change in the law or as a result of justified technical and technological changes or programming changes beyond the control of WYSPA TV.
  2. Notification of any changes will be each time published on the website www.wyspa.tv in the "News" tab.



  1. The WYSPA TV Regulations are available on the website www.wyspa.tv in a form that allows them to be read, saved and printed.
  2. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of applicable law shall apply.
  3. The administrator of personal data is WYSPA TV projekt (Management Board of Golden Rule LTD).
  4. The Regulations enter into force on 30/05/2021.