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Stars Night Wyspa TV 2024 become in:

Big Event of the Year: Stars Night Wyspa TV 2024

This year's calendar of cultural and entertainment events includes a date that is already electrifying and causing an increase in emotions. There will be great live music and many attractions.
We are talking about the upcoming Stars Night Wyspa TV 2024 event, which promises to be one of the most spectacular events in the entertainment industry.

Ticket sales are underway!

But beware!

Seats are limited! Just like the unique moments you will experience there.

Nominations are flowing in a broad stream
Don't wait until the last moment because we have a special offer for you:

Until March 31, 2024, you can purchase a ticket to this unique Gala at a specially reduced price.

This is unprecedented! Meeting our guests' expectations, we have introduced the possibility of purchasing a ticket in the most comfortable form – thanks to our partnership with "Klarna", you can split the payment into three convenient instalments! Enjoy an unforgettable night, paying at a pace that suits you.


  1. PROJECT STAR - An award for an individual or project that has made a significant impact on the industry or community in the past year, introducing innovative ideas or solutions.
  2. STYLE ICON STAR - Recognition for an individual who exudes exceptional style, inspiring others with their approach to fashion and presence.
  3. DEBUT STAR - Category for young talents or newcomers who have gained recognition in a short period and show great potential for the future.
  4. ARTISTIC STAR - An award for outstanding achievements in music, art, theater, or film, for individuals or groups who have distinguished themselves with exceptional artistic contributions.
  5. INNOVATION STAR - Recognition for a project, technology, or initiative that has introduced significant innovations and changed the way of thinking in a particular field.
  6. LEADER STAR - Category for individuals or organizations that have had a significant impact on the community for many years, engaging in charitable, social, or environmental activities.
  7. VISIONARY STAR - An award for an individual who, through their vision and determination, brings about significant changes in the industry or society, anticipating trends.
  8. STAR OF INSPIRATION - An award for an individual whose story, activities, or achievements serve as a source of inspiration for others, motivating action and personal development.
  9. PR STAR - Effectiveness in communication. In this category, an individual or agency should be nominated, demonstrating exceptional ability in managing communication and public relations.
  10. BUSINESS STAR - This award will only appear in the sponsorship offer, for businesses that allow for such a gesture.

The voting opportunity will be available soon.

Subscription cost for every budget (£2 per month) that we allocate towards development opportunities and pleasures for our wonderful viewers, i.e., statutory goals.


During the event, we will also draw a JUBILEE PRIZE among all present participants to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of WYSPA TV! There will also be many exciting surprises.
Be with us!!!
Event for adults only (+18)

Royal Menu

We can't wait!

Join us for the incredible Stars Night 2024 event, packed with a host of attractions, fabulous fun, and an exquisite royal menu from The Venue at the Royal Liver Building:
For the second edition of the Stars Night 2024 event, we are proud to present our guests with the exquisite Royal Menu, specially prepared for this occasion by the renowned chefs of The Venue at the Royal Liver Building.
The menu is designed to satisfy even the most demanding palates, offering a selection of dishes that celebrate both tradition and the modernity of culinary art.

Dress Code


Ladies - evening gown | Gentlemen - suit with a bow tie or tie.

Evening attire not only emphasizes good taste but also underscores the importance of the occasion. Elegance and prestige are the keys to creating a unique atmosphere and unforgettable memories.

It is worth taking the time to choose the right outfit that will highlight our strengths and make us feel exceptional. However, remember that evening attire is not just clothing but also a way of behaving and conducting oneself. Observing social protocol, showing respect for other participants, and maintaining appropriate behaviour are key elements of a successful gala.

Progress of preparations

Preparations for the Stars Night Wyspa TV 2024 event are in full swing, the website is constantly updated. visit us regularly.

We are open to cooperation, email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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