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Maria Anna Furman

Maria Anna Furman - Chief Executive Officer, Chairwoman of the Commission.

* Manages the committee's work, ensuring compliance with rules and deadlines.
* Represents the Stars Night Committee and other projects.
* Resolve any disputes and ensure that all decisions are made appropriately.

Przemyslaw Krzysztof Majdak

Przemyslaw Krzysztof Majdak - Content Production Director, Vice-Chairman of the Commission.

* Supports the Chairman in managing the committee's work.
* Replaces the Chairman in the event of his absence at committee meetings.

Andrzej Galant

Andrzej Galant - Web Services Director, Secretary of the Commission.

* Responsible for keeping documentation of the committee's work, including minutes of meetings.


Olivia Furman

Olivia Furman - Member of the Honorary Board for Support and Consulting.

* Strategic Consulting: Offering insight and advice on critical strategic areas, helping to shape the competition's long-term vision and mission.
* Decision Support: Facilitating the decision-making process through analysing and evaluating options and potential consequences, thereby providing valuable perspectives for management and the event.

Aneta Papatolios

Aneta Papatolios - Member of the Honorary Board for Legal and Public Policy Affairs.

 * Managing legal aspects of the organization's operations, including contracts, copyright law, and regulatory compliance.

* We are shaping public policies impacting the media and cultural industry.

* Building and maintaining relationships with international partners to promote the organization's interests on a global scale.

* Providing expert support and advice to the board and other critical departments regarding legal and political aspects of conducting international operations.

Janusz Stefan Bzymek

Janusz Stefan Bzymek - Member of the Honorary Board for Security and Infrastructure.

* Security Governance: Developing and implementing security policies in line with the latest industry standards to protect all those involved in projects.
* Risk assessment: Conduct risk assessments and safety analyses for initiatives and places organized by Wyspa TV.

Agnieszka Wojtkowiak

Agnieszka Wojtkowiak - Member of the Honorary Board for Media, Communication and Public Relations (PR).

* Media strategy: Developing and implementing a comprehensive media strategy that supports Wyspa TV goals and specific events such as Stars Night 2024.
* Media relations: Building and maintaining positive relationships with journalists, bloggers and influencers to increase the visibility of Wyspa TV and its projects in the media.
* PR and promotion: Coordinating promotional and PR activities.
* Cross-sector collaboration: Initiating and developing partnerships with other organizations, companies, and cultural institutions to promote and support each other mutually.

Agnieszka Wojtkowiak

Agnieszka Stanisławek Pilewicz - Member of the Honorary Board for Personal Development and Creativity

* Collaborating on creating content promoting a healthy lifestyle through articles and video materials.

* Representing Wyspa TV at literary festivals and events related to personal development and establishing contacts with potential partners.

* Acting as a mentor for individuals wishing to develop their literary talents and life skills, including organizing literary competitions under the auspices of Wyspa TV.

* Promoting the idea that every day is an opportunity to smile and that every failure can be successful will motivate viewers and project participants.


Wyspa TV, a dynamically developing private television station, is recognized for its commitment to delivering reliable information, creating inspiring programs, and producing high-quality video content. Using the latest technology, the station produces diverse content, ranging from interviews to fascinating documentaries and reports on the most important events, consistently focusing on valuable messages for its community.

Wyspa TV actively supports a range of events and projects, bringing its professional competencies to video production and promoting cultural initiatives. Meeting its viewers' and partners' expectations and needs, it continuously expands its portfolio, offering educational, cultural, and informational content aimed at a broad audience.

Among its key initiatives, STARS NIGHT 2024 occupies a special place. This event, based on the influx of nominations in various categories, culminates in awarding prizes to outstanding individuals or organizations engaged in numerous projects. It was initiated on the occasion of the television project's third anniversary.

The next edition of STARS NIGHT 2024 will be held on October 5, 2024, in the historic Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, which has many attractions.

This Gala, emerging as one of the most prestigious events of the Polish community in the north of England, testifies to the remarkable role that Wyspa TV plays in culture and media.

Following the success of the previous edition and the need to expand the initiative stemming from its positive reception, Wyspa TV is delighted to announce another ambitious project: the 1st edition of JUNIOR STARS 2025. This equally exclusive event, aimed at outstanding young talents in various fields, will be held on March 29, 2025. Its goal is to promote youth creativity, inspire the discovery of passions, and develop talents in a safe and supportive environment. Detailed information about the event is available on the website wyspa.tv, which serves as the central point for all interested parties.

Wyspa TV is committed to creating space for valuable content and events that strengthen the sense of community and contribute to society's development. As a television platform for creators, Wyspa TV opens doors to the world of culture, education, and information, providing its viewers access to content that matters.

About Wyspa TV:

WYSPA TV is a television project born out of journalists' passion to contribute to the integration of people worldwide. We are a place where inspiration and engagement lead to collaboration and development, and we can create our vision. Wyspa TV delivers high-quality informational, cultural, and educational content through advanced video production and collaboration with distinguished experts from various fields. More information can be found at wyspa.tv.

Maria Anna Furman
Editor in Chief, Wyspa TV

Wyspa TV Founders
Maria Anna Furman - Chief Executive Officer
Przemysław Majdak - Content Production Director
Andrzej Galant - Web Services Director

Wyspa TV is the project of Golden Rule LTD

Fashion Show at Stars Night 2023

1st Aniversary of Wyspa TV

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