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Jubilee of the 100th anniversary of the ward of the Jasna Góra Nursing Home in Huddersfield

A special ceremony took place in the Jasna Góra Nursing Home, during which one of the residents celebrated her 100th birthday. This extraordinary event brought together residents, staff and relatives of the birthday girl, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of joy and emotion.

There was a unique conversation with the birthday girl during the ceremony, in addition to the traditional cake and wishes. She did not hide her satisfaction with staying at the Jasna Góra house and expressed her admiration for the staff regarding their hard work. It was a beautiful moment that emphasized the value of every moment and the uniqueness of a long and prosperous life.

Nursing Home "Jasna Góra" is a place that specializes in comprehensive care for older people whose physical and mental health has deteriorated, making it impossible for them to function independently. The facility is dedicated primarily to people over 65 who struggle with various diseases, such as dementia or depression. They offer various services, including permanent residence, daycare and convalescence.

The institution is distinguished because it is so intimate that it creates conditions for creating a real family. Thanks to this, each resident retains their individuality, and bonds between residents, their families or friends and staff are easier to form.

The vision of this facility is to provide support for people of all faiths and even those with no religious beliefs. Their goal is to emphasize care and concern, regardless of the beliefs of the people who come to them.

The main goal is to promote independence, choice, respect, privacy and dignity.
The "Jasna Góra" Nursing Home wants to be a shelter and protection place providing food, warmth and water. They believe in the importance of good relationships based on true love, which they reflect in a caring and Christian approach.
Therefore, they adapt social and medical care to each person's individual needs. They support the charges not only in the physical sphere but also in the spiritual sphere, offering them spiritual guidance and advice.

The Nursing Home is where the best priority is the well-being and comfort of the residents. They strive to provide the best possible care considering individual needs and values. The staff is experienced, qualified and empathetic. They try to create an atmosphere of kindness and understanding so the charges feel safe and loved.
They organize various activities, meetings, and therapeutic and recreational activities that aim to promote the physical, intellectual and emotional activity of the residents, and the work is based on humanitarian values and respect for the dignity of every human being. They strive to make the Home a place where the charges feel safe.

If you are looking for a place where your loved ones will be surrounded by care and support and treated with respect and dignity, the "Jasna Góra" Nursing Home is the right place.

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Film made by Rajmund Pukacz

Poświęcenie domu opieki Jasna Góra cz2

Film made by Rajmund Pukacz

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