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The Charts at Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023

0:00 Andzia
1:16 Proud Mary
3:30 Czerwony Jak Cegła
5:14 Zamki Na Piasku
6:53 Seven Nation Army
7:33 Idź Precz
7:41 Dziwny Jest Ten Świat
10:50 Still got the blues
13:57 Sex on Fire
15:12 Urke (pijemy za lepszy czas)
17:48 We Are The Champions

The Charts band filled this year's Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023 Gala with wonderful music.

The Charts presented unforgettable melodies that captured the hearts of the guests. Powerful vocal reached deep into the soul, making hearts beat harder. Adrian's voice, which seemed to move mountains, was more than sound - it was an instrument with which artists painted amazing soundscapes.

However, not only their amazing vocal talent distinguished them at this gala. The stage presence of these artists caught the attention of every observer. Their charisma and self-confidence made the audience unable to take their eyes off the stage. Every move, gesture and look was carefully thought out to strengthen emotions and fully convey the message of the story contained in the music.

The Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023 evening was an amazing musical journey and a magical experience. The audience in this unique evening had the opportunity to break away from reality and move to another world where music was a vessel full of infinite possibilities.

The Charts gave us unforgettable moments that will remain in our hearts forever. Their extraordinary energy, passion and talent allowed us to experience something special. It was an evening that will remain in our memory forever.

For everyone present at the Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023 Gala, it is an evening filled with excellent music and a unique opportunity to celebrate the second anniversary of Wyspa TV. The band proved that their music can unite people and create unforgettable memories.

To sum up, the evening with The Charts at Gala Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023 was a spectacular event and an extraordinary journey into the magical world of sounds and emotions. Their amazing talent, combined with an extraordinary stage presence, created an unforgettable spectacle.

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