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51 Polish Ball in London

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The 51st edition of the Polish Ball in London, which was held in the presence and under the patronage of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent, is behind us.

The Polish Ball is one of the most prestigious events in the Polish social and cultural calendar, and the tradition derives from the former name of the Emigration Ball. It has been uniting the Polish community since 1970, when General Władysław Anders initiated this amazing event, hence every year guests have a chance to meet his daughter Anna Maria Anders - the Polish ambassador to Italy, who accepts the invitation with great pleasure every year.

In the beautiful interiors of the Sheraton Hotel in London, arriving guests were greeted in an unusual way, emphasizing the prestigious nature of the event, and then treated to a glass of champagne.
Per tradition, the Polish Ball began with the characteristic Polonaise dance led by the Orlęta Group, and then a toast was raised to King Charles III. Next, the guests sang the British National Anthem. A toast was also presented to the President of the Republic of Poland, and the guests sang the Polish National Anthem, and then the Ball was officially opened.

Another highlight was an exquisite dinner, followed by the main auction, where the guests had a chance to bid on a very exclusive jacket by the famous designer Kuba Bonecki, presented by Dagmara Kowalska, the host of the Ball, a portrait painted by Barbara Kaczmarowska-Hamilton, an autographed T-shirt by Robert Lewandowski and many valuable prizes. The tree of luck, on which the tickets were hanging, meant 100 per cent win, and was very popular.
The guests had a great time. It has been repeatedly emphasized that we Poles are able to play haughtily, which other nations can envy us, in the good sense of the word.

The collected funds support selected beneficiaries by per the motto of the Polish Ball: "Having fun, help those in need".

The Polish Ball is undoubtedly the most exclusive historical event in the Polish community, which has so far been discussed in the Polish language, where the information was transmitted only to Poles via a Polish television station.
Thanks to the development and creativity of Poles operating multiculturally in the UK, people who speak international English have a chance to learn about Polish culture, and history and celebration important events that are of great importance to Poles living in exile.
The organizing committee of the Polish Ball always tries to make this event take place in exclusive places, in the best hotels or historical palaces in London, which also pleases the sponsors who, by giving support, sign up for card prestige and glory.
Therefore, we encourage everyone to allow themselves the gesture of being a sponsor of this event.
See you in the next edition.