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East Fest 2022

East Fest: Celebrating Polish and Eastern European art and culture in the centre of Luton for years.

The centre of Luton fills with colourful sounds, Polish and Eastern European culture and art during the inaugural East Fest. This outdoor multi-arts event aims to showcase the rich diversity and heritage of the Polish, Jewish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Belarusian communities, with the exciting addition of Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian cultures. Together, these cultures contributed to the development of modern Eastern European culture.

Building on the success of Polonia 2019, East Fest has a chance to be both entertaining and informative. The city centre location of the festival, close to shops and other amenities, aims to attract a diverse audience and integrate this Eastern European cultural event into the growing number of community-run events in Luton.

The festival organizers have created a diverse and captivating program that brings together renowned international artists, UK talent, local talent, and community groups. This mix provides a window into the richness and dynamism of Eastern European culture while highlighting the shared experiences and values that bind the community in Luton.

Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to admire various art forms. Musical performances include the enchanting melodies of Romanian and Slovak-Polish bands, creating a harmonious fusion of cultures. The lively sounds of Bulgarian folk music were in the air, and Eastern European dance groups charmed the audience with their energetic and thrilling performances.

East Fest serves a broader purpose than just entertainment. The festival's main aim is to bring Luton's diverse communities together, foster a sense of unity and create more opportunities for celebration in the town.

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