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A Revolutionary Approach to Voting in the "Stars Night 2024" Contest – A New Dimension of Audience Engagement!


As "Stars Night 2024" rapidly approaches, the event organizers, Wyspa TV | Golden Rule Ltd., have unveiled a unique and innovative voting system that represents a significant breakthrough in how winners are chosen. This year, in addition to the traditional voting by the contest committee, whose operation is clearly defined in the Regulations, a public participation element has been introduced, allowing Wyspa TV subscribers to directly influence the contest's outcome in one category: AUDIENCE STAR.

Integrated Voting Approach:
"Stars Night 2024" introduces an innovative, hybrid voting model consisting of committee assessment and public voting. Each committee member awards points to nominees, evaluating their contribution to the development of various fields. Additionally, the AUDIENCE STAR category allows all Wyspa TV subscribers to vote for their favourite, providing the opportunity for direct involvement in the winner selection process.

How to Vote?
Everyone who purchases a ticket to the event will receive a three-month Wyspa TV subscription, enabling voting participation for AUDIENCE STAR. Furthermore, all subscribers are encouraged to participate actively in this particular category. For those who are not yet subscribers but would like to vote, purchasing a one-month subscription is enough.

Additional Benefits for Voters:
To further appreciate subscriber engagement, the organizers have decided to raffle three attractive prizes among all voting participants. This initiative aims to increase the number of voting participants and emphasize that every vote counts.

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Distinction for the Exceptional:
Suppose a nominee wins the AUDIENCE STAR title and achieves the required threshold in the committee's voting. In that case, they will be honoured with the unique "Double Star" title, leading to a symbolic coronation. This expression of the highest recognition from the committee and the audience makes this distinction particularly prestigious.

The innovative "Stars Night 2024" voting system demonstrates how technology and creativity can be used to engage the audience more deeply in cultural events. It marks a step toward more interactive forms of entertainment, where the audience is no longer just a passive observer but an active participant. All these changes indicate that "Stars Night 2024" will be a celebration of talent and new ways to appreciate it.

"Stars Night 2024" invites everyone to participate in this unique night of stars, innovation, and unprecedented public engagement.

Editor: Maria Anna Furman

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