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"Stars Night 2024" Awards Regulations

§1 General Provisions

The "Stars Night 2024" contest is organized to celebrate the third anniversary of Wyspa TV, a project by Golden Rule Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).

The Contest aims to recognize individuals, projects, or initiatives that have significantly contributed to promoting culture, art, innovation, societal impact, or other fields, thereby globally extending the reach of Wyspa TV.

Participation in the Contest is voluntary and free of charge.

§2 Nomination Rules

Anyone interested who correctly fills out and submits the nomination form available on the Wyspa TV website can nominate.

Each person can nominate any number of candidates, but one can be nominated only once per edition of the Contest and category.

Nominations must include a justification as to why the candidate deserves the "Stars Night 2024" award.

§3 Categories and Criteria

The Contest will be conducted in several categories, which the Organizer will announce at the beginning of each edition.

Evaluation criteria include originality, impact on society/culture/industry, innovation, commitment, and contribution to the development of the field in which the candidate operates.

§4 Composition of the Committee and Selection Process

The Contest Committee, consisting of the Board of Golden Rule Ltd and the Honorary Board, decides on the selection of laureates.

The Committee's decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

The Committee is selected based on the applications and justifications in the nomination form.

§5 Nomination Evaluation and Award Granting Process

This regulation defines the rules for awarding prizes as part of the Stars Night 2024 ceremony.

The awards aim to recognize individuals' exceptional achievements and contributions to their field.

The evaluating committee consists of 8 members who assess the nominees based on the descriptions of their work and achievements.

Voting Procedure:

Each committee member evaluates each nominee, awarding points on a scale from 1 to 10.

Scores from all committee members are summed up to obtain the total number of points for each nominee.

Nominees who exceed the set point threshold qualify for the award.

Point Threshold:

For a nominee to become an award laureate, each committee member must give a minimum average score of 8 points (out of 10).

If none of the nominees reach the required threshold, awards may not be granted, or the committee may decide to lower the threshold.

Resolving Ties:

If a tie between nominees exceeds the point threshold, the committee conducts an additional round of voting.

Announcement of Results:

The voting results will be announced during the Stars Night 2024 ceremony.

The committee's decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Any issues not regulated by these regulations will be resolved by the Stars Night 2024 organizer.

§6 Prizes and Distinctions

Main Prizes: Laureates in each category will receive trophies sponsored by the prize sponsor. Additionally, each laureate will be able to present their project or achievement on stage, receiving approximately 2 minutes.

Notable Distinctions: Nominees who receive special distinctions awarded by the Committee will also have 1 minute on stage during the event. Every nominee will receive a participation certificate.

§7 Announcement of Results and Prizes

The Contest results and names of the laureates will be announced during the festive Stars Night Wyspa TV 2024 event on 05.10.2024, which will take place at the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, as well as on the Wyspa TV website and social media.

Laureates will receive "Stars Night 2024" trophies and promotion in media associated with Wyspa TV.

§8 Final Provisions

Participation in the Contest implies acceptance of these regulations.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the regulations for significant reasons, about which participants will be informed via the Contest's website.

In matters not regulated by these regulations, general legal provisions shall apply.

The Organizer encourages active participation in the Contest and the nomination of candidates who contribute positively to the development of society and culture, locally and internationally.


As part of the "Stars Night 2024" contest, an AUDIENCE STAR will be selected from all nominees, and all Wyspa TV subscribers will be eligible to vote.

Voting Rules for the AUDIENCE STAR:
Anyone who purchases a Stars Night 2024 event ticket will receive a three-month Wyspa TV subscription. This subscription will enable participation in voting for their favourite for the AUDIENCE STAR.

All current subscribers, regardless of the length of their subscription, will also be invited to participate in the voting.

Individuals who are not yet Wyspa TV subscribers but wish to participate in the voting must purchase a one-month subscription at least.

Suppose the chosen AUDIENCE STAR also achieved the required threshold during the contest committee's voting. In that case, they will receive a unique distinction in the form of a symbolic "Double Star" crowning, which symbolizes special recognition from the committee and the audience.
All contests organized by Wyspa TV will be carried out similarly, fully utilizing its systems and technologies to ensure the smoothness and fairness of the voting process.

Prize Drawing for Voters:
THREE attractive prizes will be raffled among all subscribers who participate in the voting process. This is our way of thanking you for your engagement and participation in selecting the AUDIENCE STAR.

Details of the Prize Drawing for Voters:
Exciting prizes will be prepared, which will surely bring joy to the winners.

Winners will be selected by a draw among all subscribers who cast their vote for the AUDIENCE STAR.

Announcement of Results for Voters:
The winners of the draw will be announced on the Wyspa TV website and social media.

Why It's Worth Getting Involved:
Participating in the voting is an opportunity to influence the contest's outcome and to win exciting prizes. Therefore, we encourage all subscribers to participate actively in this unique action!

Participation of Nominees at the Stars Night 2024

We want to inform you that each nominee wishing to participate in the Stars Night 2024 ceremony, scheduled for October 5th, 2024, must purchase an admission ticket. Two types of tickets are available, Standard and VIP, allowing participants to tailor their attendance to their preferences.

A ticket purchase is essential for confirming attendance at the Gala and enables the organizers to ensure the highest standard of event preparation and service. The choice of ticket type depends on your preferences regarding the manner of participation in the Gala.

We encourage you to purchase promptly to ensure comfortable participation in the event and the opportunity to celebrate your achievement in the unique atmosphere of Stars Night 2024.