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Nominations Stars Night 2024

Emil Malczewski

NOMINATION in the category: "LEADER STAR"

Emil Malczewski, a community activist and coach, has been nominated for the prestigious Stars Night 2024 award in the Leader Star category. His remarkable achievements and steadfast passion for social, cultural, and sports activities have earned him recognition in many countries.

Remigiusz Juśkiewicz


In the music world, where originality and talent are of the highest currency, Remigiusz Juśkiewicz emerges as an artist who has undoubtedly earned his accolades. His nomination for the prestigious Stars Night 2024 award in the Artistic Star category confirms his extraordinary career and impact on the music scene in Poland and abroad.

Ewa Lubert


Ewa Lubert, known as a personal trainer, philanthropist, model, and source of inspiration for many Polish women, has been honoured with a series of prestigious awards that highlight her versatility, social engagement, and unique contribution to improving the lives of others. Ewa Lubert, with a master's degree in pedagogy, is widely recognized for her philanthropic efforts and as the founder of the "Fit Mama Ewa Lubert" project, emphasizing her passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Her first book is soon to be published, which will undoubtedly be another step in inspiring women to take care of themselves and their families.

Her activities, however, are not limited to fitness and philanthropy. As a co-owner of the "Luberty Pomagają" Foundation, she also serves as the manager of her husband, Tomasz Lubert, a well-known musician, and manager of children's projects "Qndel" in Poland and abroad. Ewa successfully combines her professional passions with the mission of helping others. Her work in anti-ageing herbal medicine also attracts attention, offering a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Beata Karbownik


Beata Karbownik is an extraordinary woman, often called the godmother of Polish literature in emigration. She has gained recognition through her unwavering determination to raise awareness about Polish authors and their works beyond the country's borders. Her passion and commitment to promoting Polish literature in emigration have earned her a nomination for the prestigious Stars Night 2024 award in the Star of Inspiration category.

Monika Evans

NOMINATION in the category: "LEADER STAR"

In the global leadership arena, authenticity and dedication are highly valued, almost to a critical extent. Monika Evans emerges as a figure who effectively combines passion with social activity. She has been nominated for the prestigious Stars Night 2024 award in the LEADER STAR category, which recognizes her outstanding achievements as a lecturer, musician, and motivational coach. This nomination highlights her professional successes, her invaluable contribution to the Polish community in the United Kingdom, and the promotion of Polish culture and language.

Advocate Marzena Konarzewska

NOMINATION in the category: "LEADER STAR"

Advocate Marzena Konarzewska is a distinguished figure whose commitment and activities on behalf of the Polish community in the United Kingdom deserve special recognition. Her nomination for the Stars Night 2024 award is a testament to her enduring passion and countless hours of work dedicated to helping others.

Angelika Jermak | Boska Angela


In the fashion industry, where ephemerality reigns, and trends constantly shift, there exist figures who pave the way, serving as living proof that true style emerges from a deep understanding of oneself and one's needs. One such individual is Angelika Jermak, a personal stylist nominated for the STARS NIGHT 2024 award in the STYLE ICON STAR category.

Katarzyna Lakomska-Haracz

NOMINATION in the category: "PR STAR"

Katarzyna Łakomska-Haracz: A Pioneer of the Polish Information Scene in Manchester.

Katarzyna is a prominent figure in the Polish community activities in Great Britain, having been nominated for the prestigious Stars Night 2024 award in the PR Star category. Her ceaseless commitment to promoting Polish culture, supporting Polish business, and charitable activities deserve special recognition.

Aldona Laczycka

NOMINATION in the category: "PROJECT STAR"

Aldona Laczycka: The Woman Transforming the Automotive World.

In a world dominated by fast cars, innovative technologies, and dynamic development, Aldona Laczycka emerges as a nearly revolutionary figure. An economist, businesswoman, CEO, and mentor are just a few of the roles she holds in the automotive industry. With her determination, vision, and exceptional managerial skills, Aldona leads the company Almot and inspires women worldwide, proving that no barriers are insurmountable in business and technology.

Sylwester Raczynski


Sylwester Raczyński: The Sustainable Heating Technology Revolutionary

In today’s era, where ecology and sustainable development are increasingly crucial, individuals who not only comprehend these challenges but also provide concrete solutions emerge. One such innovator is Sylwester Raczyński, the founder of iHelios Living Reinvented, whose work has earned him a nomination for the prestigious STARS NIGHT 2024 award in the INNOVATION STAR category. S.Raczyński, Through his achievements in sustainable heating technology, has shown how deeply technological innovation can improve the quality of life while reducing the environmental impact.

Dominik Bularz

NOMINATION in the category: "DEBUT STAR"

Dominik Bularz, a young sports phenomenon, has been nominated for the prestigious STARS NIGHT 2024 award in the DEBUT STAR category. At 18 years old, Dominik has emerged as an extraordinary talent in the kickboxing world, gaining recognition as the youngest participant in this category. His remarkable passion for the sport sets him apart from his peers, making him not only a multiple-time champion but also an inspiration for young athletes worldwide.

Dorota Zelechowska

NOMINATION in the category: "PR STAR"

Dorota Zelechowska is an exceptional figure in podiatry who demonstrates deep engagement in her career development and unwavering passion for sharing her knowledge and skills with others. Her kindness is the foundation of her approach to patients and students alike, making her an outstanding specialist in her field and an inspiring mentor.

Aleksandra Rogalska

NOMINATION in the category: "PROJECT STAR"

Aleksandra "Ola" Rogalska, a musician and vocal coach, initiates the unique talent festival "Be A Star Festival". This event, organized in a beautiful setting, enabled musically talented children and adolescents to perform on stage and win awards. The festival aimed to connect Polish children, youth, the educational community, media, musicians, and artists actively working for the British Polish community. Its goal was to promote Polish music in Polish among Polish children and adolescents living permanently in the UK and to create opportunities for integration and cooperation on a national scale. These actions were meant to support the musical development of children and youth, allowing them to showcase their talents and build confidence. The festival was a success, and its careful preparation and talent presentation met the initial goals of the event, promising continuation in the coming years.

Agnieszka Kuchnia-Wołosiewicz


Agnieszka Kuchnia-Wołosiewicz is a figure who successfully combines various fields of activity, becoming an influential figure among the Polish community in the UK. With education obtained from prestigious universities, including the Pedagogical University of KEN in Krakow and the Jagiellonian University, as well as advanced courses, Kuchnia-Wołosiewicz has broadened her horizons, resulting in significant achievements in the fields of literature and art.

Daniel Smykowski

NOMINATION in the category: "LEADER STAR"

In a world where social engagement and leading by example are increasingly valued, Daniel Smykowski stands out. His relentless work for the Polish community in England has rightfully earned him a nomination for the prestigious Stars Night 2024 award in the LEADER-STAR category. Here is the story of a man who has built a platform for significant change from small steps.

Beata Kubiak

NOMINATION in the category: "LEADER STAR"

Beata Kubiak is a notable figure whose nomination for the LEADER STAR award results from her exceptional social and professional commitment. The founder of the Stokrotki Group, which began its activities in 2020, quickly became a recognized activist against violence. In May 2021, her initiative, the "Dance to Freedom", presented in the city centre, drew attention to the issue of violence victims, emphasizing the need for social support and empathy.

Bożena Kiełbińska


Bożena Kiełbińska was nominated in the ARTISTIC-STAR category for her outstanding contribution to the development of opera art, both as an unparalleled opera singer with a rich repertoire and as an innovative creator of the Experimental Opera Scene.

Ilona Joanna Adamska


Ilona Joanna Adamska, holding a Master's degree in Philosophy specialising in ethics, is exceptionally influential in the Polish media and business markets. She studied philosophy at the Papal University in Krakow, where she not only completed her master's studies but also successfully completed a demanding, three-year doctoral course at UKSW in Warsaw. Such an impressive academic background lays the foundation for her prosperous professional career.

Jadwiga i Rafał Dziedzic

NOMINATION in the category: "LEADER STAR"

Jadwiga and Rafał Dziedzic are the founders of Bartek Bookstore in the heart of Manchester. This unique place has been recognized and has become the reason for the nomination in the LEADER-STAR category. Founded by Jadwiga and Rafał, the bookstore is a cultural epicentre for the Polish community abroad, offering a rich selection of literature and becoming a meeting place, a hub for the exchange of thoughts, and a promoter of Polish culture.

Damian Kutryb


Damian Kutryb, founder and mentor of GFFDamian Dance Studio, is a figure who has revolutionized the world of dance and fitness in Manchester, creating a space where everyone can find their place, regardless of origin, sexual orientation, or abilities. His unwavering passion and commitment to promoting inclusivity and support for the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups have made him an icon and inspiration for many.

Amanda Lepusińka


Amanda Lepusińska is an artist whose musical journey began in the picturesque town of Dubienka, from where her talent embarked on a journey through Poland, ultimately making its mark on the international stage. From her first performances at local events through numerous successes in regional and national competitions and festivals, Amanda has continuously proven her versatility and passion for music. Her presence in shows such as "Bitwa na Głosy" (Battle of the Voices), collaborating with Krzysztof Cugowski, "Szansa na sukces" (Chance for Success), with an accolade for Danuta Błażejczyk's repertoire, and reaching the semi-finals in the 8th edition of "Must Be The Music," speaks volumes of her extraordinary stage talent.

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