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Marcel Laczycki | Fiesta Junior Championship | 21-22/10/2023 | Brands Hatch

Interview with Marcel Laczycki
Video Language - English

Wywiad z Marcelem Laczyckim
Video Language - Polish

Reflections After a Turbulent Season: Marcel Laczycki | Fiesta Junior Championship 2023

The exciting season of the Fiesta Junior Championship 2023 has come to a close, and Marcel Laczycki has shared his thoughts on the highs and lows of this season.

The past weekend, Marcel Laczycki expressed overall satisfaction, focusing on a successful start during the Friday practice sessions. Speaking to Wyspa TV, he said, "The Friday practice session went very smoothly, and we achieved very good results, which filled us with optimism for the upcoming events."

However, the turning point came during the Saturday qualifying session. Laczycki admitted his mistake: "I made the wrong decision by not changing the tires, and it was my fault, not the team's." I decided to stick with wet tires while others switched to slicks. Given the changing track conditions, my decision proved to be a significant error. Despite this setback, Laczycki qualified in the 11th position out of 23 cars, which he considers commendable in challenging conditions.

The first race presented difficulties, and the situation did not go as planned. Laczycki started from the 11th position. Shortly after the start, he caught up in a collision involving the vehicles before him. Three cars went off the track. Marcel Laczycki was involved in this incident and collided with a car that spun before him.

Despite the adversity, Laczycki approached the second race with unwavering determination. Although he still felt the effects of the earlier incident, he did not give up. He added, "The second race was a bit better, although I still didn't feel comfortable in the car after yesterday's events." Despite losing positions early in the race, he persevered and ultimately finished in 10th place.

A post-race analysis revealed the need for a major car repair.

Looking to the future, Laczycki expressed some uncertainty about his prospects. He is not sure what the next year will bring. Nevertheless, he expressed interest in intensive testing. This commitment to preparation demonstrates Laczycki's dedication to maintaining his competitiveness and excellent preparation before the start of the new season.

The conclusion of the Fiesta Junior Championship 2023 season is a compilation of Marcel Laczycki's experiences on the emotional rollercoaster of the motorsport world. Despite potential challenges, Laczycki's resilience and determination paint a promising picture of his future endeavours in racing.

Jeśli spodobał Ci się ten film i chciałbyś/chciałabyś podziękować nam za naszą pracę, zachęcamy Cię do naciśnięcia przycisku „Subskrybuj” i wsparcia nas kwotą 2 funtów miesięcznie - byłoby to bardzo miłe z Twojej strony i pomogłoby to nam w rozwijaniu kanału Wyspa TV.

Interwiev with Jamie Going

Marcel Laczycki in a conversation with Jamie Going - the Director of JamSport Racing.

Marcel Laczycki took on the challenge of interviewing Jamie Going, the head of the JamSport Racing team, to delve into the highs and lows of the recently concluded season and gain insight into the team's perspective on incidents, sponsors, and the development of young drivers.

As Laczycki began the conversation, his first question to Going expressed interest in the season drawing to a close. Going replied that this one had its ups and downs like most seasons in motorsport. He acknowledged that this season was full of challenges, including incidents and accidents, which were unfavourable for the team. He also emphasized the positive aspect of observing the development of drivers, noting the improvement in Laczycki's performance during testing and qualifications in difficult conditions.

However, the conversation revolved around the incidents that occurred during the season. Going admitted that the increase in incidents resulted from the championship's growth. He stressed the importance of learning from these events, noting that young drivers, including Laczycki, might react differently based on their varying experiences. He pointed out the differences in mindset between karting and car racing, where incidents at higher speeds can have more serious consequences.

Regarding the relationship between the team and sponsors, Going explained that the team itself does not have sponsors, but individual drivers rely on sponsorship to support their racing efforts. He admitted that accidents, while not condoned, can generate publicity, as with Jensen's YouTube hits. However, he also noted that sponsors may not perceive accidents as the best form of promotion, as they involve risk in racing.

Later in the interview, the conversation shifted towards developing young drivers and their progress beyond the Fiesta Junior Championship. Going expressed immense pride in the achievements of former young drivers who moved on to participate in prestigious championships such as the British Touring Car and LMP Asia. He highlighted the joy of receiving calls thanking the team for their role in their development. Going emphasized the familial bonds within the team, describing young drivers as part of his extended family.

As the conversation drew to a close, Laczycki and Going shared a sense of optimism for the future, hoping that one day, Marcel Laczycki would be one of those drivers calling him on a Sunday evening to share news of victory.

In this fascinating conversation, Jamie Going presented a comprehensive picture of the world of motorsport, showcasing the challenges, triumphs, and enduring bond between the racing team and aspiring drivers.

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