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Marcel Laczycki | Fiesta Junior Championship 10/09/2023 Donington Park



A Conversation with Marcel Laczycki on Emotions, Challenges, and the Future in the Fiesta Junior Championship.

Donington Park - It's the penultimate race of the season in the Fiesta Junior Championship. Marcel Laczycki and his father, Piotr, share their thoughts and emotions looking forward.

Marcel Laczycki: "Emotions always accompany the start of a race. Some feel stress, others feel fear. I try not to think about it too much. Donington Park is a technically challenging track, but I like it. Before the race starts, I think about various scenarios, but race situations change very quickly. This season has been full of emotions, with many battles on the track. I always strive to fight better and progress, and I hope it's noticeable. I do it for myself and especially my fans who support me. The last weekend wasn't easy for me. We had several issues during the tests, but the team was a great help. Unfortunately, I was hit in one of the races and ended up on a tire barrier. The team did an excellent job, and the car was ready for the next race. Despite the adversities, I remain optimistic. I try to stay positive. I hope the last race of the season will bring good results."

Piotr, Marcel's Father: "As a parent, it's a huge deal to observe my son's development. He started as a child, and now he's an adult racer. I'm proud of his achievements and grateful for the team's work. I believe in his immense potential for the future."

Marcel's father also emphasizes the importance of team support. "The team operates at the highest level. When Marcel had an issue with the car, the mechanics did everything to prepare him for the next race. It's an incredible feeling when you know you have such support."

In conclusion, Marcel and his father are full of hope for the future. "We hope that the next year will be even better. Thank you for the support, and keep your fingers crossed for us!"

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