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BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship 2nd race 09/04/2023

First and second place in trouble.
09/04/2023 Yesterday was an incredibly exciting day for all BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship fans.
Maks Solarski (16 years old) took second place in the race, which was a huge success for the young driver, who started from third position, finishing second in the season's first race.
Maks Solarski is not only an excellent driver who wins and stands on the podium. Unfortunately, there are also moments of horror on the track, such as the one we had the opportunity to observe.
Driver number 32 made a mistake and cut off the road; Maks had no chance to avoid the accident; he was blocked by other oncoming cars, his car caught fire, and he could not finish the race. He left the vehicle quickly. Such events show how dangerous and demanding the sport is but simultaneously highlight the passion and dedication drivers and sponsors put into achieving their goals. Maks Solarski is a winner and a brave and determined rival.

Currently, work is being done on the valuation to repair the damaged car of Maks Solarski, which must be ready for the next race of the season in a month. Car repair is a significant cost and a time-consuming process that requires a thorough analysis and repair of each damage. However, Maks and his technical team are working hard to get the car ready on time and give it the right parameters that will allow it to fight for more victories. Such situations show how important the speed and skills of the drivers but also the professionalism and skills of the technical team, who ensure that the car is in perfect technical condition and ready to fight on the track.

In addition, we are asking everyone who can help with the cost of repairing Maks Solarski's car for financial support. Repairing a car is a very expensive business. Any help can speed up the process and help Maks get back on track as soon as possible, thanks to which Maks will be able to continue his fight for victories in the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship.

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