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Interview with Marcin Zielinski

Marcin Zieliński: Living in Service to God

For Marcin Zieliński, a preacher of the Gospel and a leader of a Christian community, serving God is more than just a job. As he discusses his spiritual journey and experiences, he shares key aspects that help him balance spirit, body, and mind.

Prayer forms the foundation of each day for Marcin Zieliński. Through prayer, he finds strength and guidance from God, which is essential in leading his ministry. Prayer gives him spiritual energy and is a constant reference point.
Marcin acknowledges the importance of taking care of his physical health. A healthy diet, regular physical activity, and sufficient sleep enable him to maintain his physical well-being. He understands that the body is a tool that assists him in his service, and he takes great care of it.
Working within a group and sharing prayers with others who share similar beliefs makes Marcin Zieliński feel strong. The community of people who support him is of immense importance. Together, they read the Word of God, pray, and strengthen each other in their faith.
Marcin accepts criticism with humility. He understands that when one follows Jesus, one may encounter misunderstandings and criticism, but he does not allow these negative opinions to affect his spirit. He focuses on serving God and carrying out His will.

For Marcin Zieliński, the Holy Spirit is pivotal in his life. He believes that the Holy Spirit revitalizes his faith and helps him to understand God's plans. Under the Holy Spirit's influence, Marcin perceives deeper meanings in the Scriptures and finds answers to life's questions. The Holy Spirit also guides him in prayer and in serving others.
Marcin encourages fellow believers to pray for the presence and action of the Holy Spirit. He asks that the Holy Spirit leads, fills, and strengthens them in their daily pursuits towards God. Prayer to the Holy Spirit becomes a source of support and wisdom for those who seek to develop their faith.
He emphasizes that many aspects of the Holy Spirit's work in a believer's life are evident. It helps overcome difficulties, shapes one's character, inspires doing good, and leads to spiritual growth. Consequently, life in the Holy Spirit becomes dynamic and full of purpose.
One of the key elements of the relationship with the Holy Spirit is listening to His voice. Marcin encourages believers to be attentive to the inspirations that come from the Holy Spirit. These subtle cues and impulses guide one to make the right decisions and take action by God's will.

The Holy Spirit also operates within the life of a community of believers. It unites people in love, inspires group prayer, and gives meaning to religious gatherings. The Holy Spirit's action within a group can heal spiritual experiences and strengthen social bonds.

In conclusion, Marcin Zieliński reminds us that a relationship with the Holy Spirit is not just a spiritual theory but a reality every believer can experience. The Holy Spirit is the source of strength, wisdom, and inspiration that assists in following Jesus Christ and serving God. Therefore, by opening oneself to the work of the Holy Spirit, a deeper meaning in faith and spiritual life can be discovered.

Author: Maria Anna Furman

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