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Aga Rogala Workshops in St Albans: The Key to Better Family Relationships

The Polish Saturday School, named after John Paul II in St Albans, is delighted to invite you to the first international workshops led by Aga Rogala, which will take place on Sunday, May 12th, at Loreto College in St Albans. Aga Rogala, an experienced parent therapist, educator, podcast creator, and author of the book "Poukładaj to sobie w głowie" ("Sort It Out in Your Head"), will share her knowledge on building healthy family relationships and understanding the emotional worlds of children, teenagers, and adults.

The full-day workshops will be divided into four intensive panels, allowing participants to delve into various aspects of family life:

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How do you handle difficult emotions in children? Here are techniques for understanding and supporting children in challenging moments.
Challenges of parenting a teenager: Advice on surviving these often turbulent years and understanding teenagers' needs and behaviours.
How can we build a relationship that recharges parents' batteries? Here are tips on nurturing a partnership in the context of parental responsibilities.
Question and answer session - An opportunity to ask Aga Rogala questions directly and share experiences with other participants.
The workshops are primarily aimed at Polish parents, guardians, and educators seeking support in the daily challenges of raising children. Participation in the workshops can be a valuable source of knowledge and skills that will help better understand and respond to children's needs at different stages of their development.

Tickets for the workshops are available through the Polish Saturday School website.

We encourage you to visit the school's Facebook profile to find current updates and more information about upcoming events and initiatives.

This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and join a community focused on the emotional and educational development of Polish families. Don't miss this chance for personal and parental growth—register today!

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