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Unveiling of the Polish Armed Forces Plaque at St. Peter's Square in Manchester

In Manchester, on the historic St. Peter's Square, a unique event will take place on May 3rd at noon. It aims to honour the heroic contributions of Poles during World War II. Thanks to the initiative of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Manchester and the support of the city, the local community and the Polish diaspora will unite to unveil the Polish Armed Forces Plaque.

The plaque is a testament to the courage and sacrifice of Polish airmen, sailors, and soldiers who fought on numerous war fronts—from their native Poland, the Middle East and North Africa to continental Europe and Great Britain. Their heroism was crucial in the fight against the Nazi regime. To honour the memory and sacrifices of our war heroes, the Polish community unites to create a symbol of remembrance.

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The choice of the date for the unveiling ceremony of the Polish Armed Forces Plaque is significant. Constitution Day on May 3rd marks the anniversary of the first-ever written Constitution in Europe, the second in the world after the United States. This event also coincides with Polish Heritage Days, traditionally held in May, an initiative promoting Polish culture, heritage, and the contributions of Poles to the socio-cultural and economic life of the United Kingdom.
This year marks the 8th edition of Polish Heritage Day, with central themes including:

* The 25th anniversary of Poland's accession to NATO,
* On the 20th anniversary of Poland joining the EU,
* The 80th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino is a significant historical event from World War II.

The unveiling of the plaque is a moment that connects the local community with Polish roots, as emphasized by Joanne Roney MBE, the Chief Executive of Manchester City Council. She noted that as a city, Manchester will never forget the valiant role that Polish soldiers, pilots, and sailors played in defeating the Nazis during World War II, and the plaque will serve as a lasting symbol of this memory and the ongoing friendship between our countries.

Michał Mazurek, the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Manchester, said: "While our generation fully enjoys the benefits of freedom and democracy, we want to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to make it possible. This project is a perfect example of our shared British-Polish heritage and values. I am truly grateful to everyone involved in this momentous project."

Events like the unveiling of the Polish Armed Forces Plaque are crucial for preserving historical memory and shaping cultural and social identity in today's multicultural world. Manchester, known for its diversity and openness, once again confirms that history and memory are alive and have their place in the dialogue between nations.

Editor Maria Anna Furman
(Source: Press Release - Polish Consulate in Manchester)

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