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Stars Night 2024: Award Sponsor Confirmation! 15 Statuettes and 1 Audience Star!

As we approach the most anticipated event of the year, Stars Night 2024, set to take place within the esteemed walls of the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool, known as the city's icon, the excitement builds. Wyspa TV is thrilled to announce that, thanks to the support of our loyal sponsor, this year’s gala will again present 15 statuettes plus one special award – the "AUDIENCE STAR," bestowed by the public.

The tension rises with the possibility of a Double Star!

This year's Stars Night 2024 promises to be an event full of excitement and unique moments. Moreover, this year, there is a chance that one personality could win a Double Star – meaning they could receive both an industry statuette and the Audience Star, a unique crowning of their talent and popularity among viewers. It's a rare and thrilling opportunity that could add surprise and joy to the evening. Will any of the nominees also take home the crown? It depends on your engagement. Just thinking about it sends our emotions soaring!

The statuettes awarded during Stars Night 2024 are not just symbols of recognition; they are a testament to exceptional achievements across various fields. Supported by our trusted sponsor, these awards motivate creators and professionals in the industry, inspiring them to continue developing their passions and skills. The "AUDIENCE STAR" further emphasizes the value of public opinion, allowing viewers to influence the gala's outcomes directly.

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In addition to the thrilling award presentation moments, Stars Night 2024 will offer a rich program of artistic performances, live acts, networking opportunities, an exclusive dinner featuring exquisite dishes, and many attractions that will surely delight you.

We are incredibly excited and full of anticipation for this year's gala. Will we witness the historic moment of a Double Star? We'll find out together on October 5, 2024. Join us at Stars Night 2024, where talent meets recognition on an international stage!

See you in Liverpool – may the stars shine brightly that night!
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The prestige of Stars Night 2024 will not disappoint!

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