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Don't Hate - Motivate

Today, I encourage you to participate in an incredibly positive initiative led by an extraordinary person, Ilona Joanna Adamska, who has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to a charitable and social campaign. We kindly ask you to like the page of the "Nie hejtuję - motywuję" (Don't Hate - Motivate) campaign and follow its activities, thereby supporting and spreading positive content.

Ilona has implemented the "NIE HEJTUJĘ-MOTYWUJĘ" campaign under the patronage of the Ministry of National Education. WYSPA TV aims to build a Polonian bridge between the United Kingdom and Poland. Ilona and a team of psychologists visit schools to conduct workshops that help young people understand how to deal with hate so that it does not destroy their sense of self-worth.

Ilona assists young people and inspires, and motivates them to pursue their dreams. Therefore, we warmly encourage you, dear friends, to join this positive initiative. Together, we can build a better world full of understanding and support. Let's help Ilona in her mission. Thank you in advance, and we count on your support.

If you are happy with our work and you DO actually want to send a little thanks our way, click the 'Subscribe' button and support us with a little £2 a month - it would be hugely appreciated and help us to keep growing Wyspa TV channel.

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