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Nocny Kochanek (Night Lover) | One Concert Too Far

Nocny Kochanek (Night Lover) presents the European leg of their tour "ONE CONCERT TOO FAR - EUROTRIP". The concerts start in mid-April, in Southampton!

The band Nocny Kochanek is still on tour. After the September release of the album "O Jeden Most Za Daleko", the band embarked on a concert tour and played 34 shows in just over three months, most of which were sold out. After a short break for the New Year, Nocny Kochanek sets off to conquer European stages!

The first leg of the concert tour promoting the album "O Jeden Most Za Daleko" ended in late December with a packed show at Warsaw's Progresja. The band visited over 30 cities, and most concerts were sold out.

It's a really pleasant thought, but I have to admit that it wasn't a huge surprise for us, considering that for about 5 years now, there have been more and more "sold-out" concerts on each tour. The further we go, the less surprised we are about it, but we're still very happy about it. That we haven't tired out the audience with our creativity and our personalities, and that people still want to listen to us and see us live! - says Robert "Kazon" Kazanowski, the band's guitarist.

Nocny Kochanek is not slowing down, and soon after a series of outdoor concerts, they will launch the European version of "O JEDEN KONCERT ZA DALEKO - EUROTRIP", promoting the album "O Jeden Most Za Daleko", which was released on September 23, 2022, with the support of Mystic Production. This time, the band will start their musical journey in Southampton, England. Then they will visit Birmingham, Sheffield, Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, and London, before ending their tour outside the country in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Nocny Kochanek will play a total of 9 concerts for the Polish community in Great Britain, Ireland, and the Netherlands, which will be the band's longest foreign concert tour to date since the memorable concert tour promoting the album "Randka w Ciemność" in September 2019. In the meantime, Nocny Kochanek didn't stand idle. After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the band decided to donate part of the proceeds from their concerts to humanitarian aid for the country. The musicians played a special, intimate "Almost Cultural Tour" in small theaters, wanting to reach places that are usually overlooked in the plans of most well-known bands.

Nocny Kochanek's outdoor performances gave the band the opportunity to present their own interpretations of well-known hits by the groups Ich Troje and Feel. The band appeared at the anniversaries of both formations, where they played the songs "Jak Anioła Głos" and "Kochaj Mnie Kochaj" in metal versions for a completely new audience.

In addition, the musicians were invited to a concert with the group Sabaton, which appeared in Krakow. For this occasion, the song "Krótki Lont" was created, which is the Polish version of Sabaton's "Gott mit uns" with Kochanek's lyrics. Krzysiek Sokołowski had the opportunity to perform the song with the Swedes during a concert in Poland.

 NOCNY KOCHANEK – KRÓTKI LONT: https://youtu.be/gCiDEUh3vq8

The bands that will share the stage with Nocny Kochanek as guests include ONE LAST DAY, ŻURKOWSKI, METASOMA, PSYCHOTIC OUTSIDER, and FROM EDEN TO EXILE.


13.04.2023  SOUTHAMPTON – 1865
15.04.2023 – SHEFFIELD – NETOWRK
18.04.2023 – CORK – CYPRUS AVENUE
19.04.2023 – DUBLIN – OPIUM
22.04.2023 – LIVERPOOL – HANGAR 34
23.04.2023 – LONDYN – THE GARAGE
26.04.2023 – ROTTERDAM – BAROEG

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