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Nomination submission for Stars Night 2024


1. PROJECT STAR - award for the person or project that has significantly impacted an industry or community over the last year, introducing innovative ideas or solutions.
2. STYLE ICON STAR - recognition for a person who radiates unique style, inspiring others with their approach to fashion and presentation.
3. DEBUT STAR is a category for young talents or newcomers who have gained recognition quickly and show great potential for the future.(18+)
4. ARTISTIC STAR - award for outstanding music, art, theatre, or film achievements for individuals or teams who have distinguished themselves with an exceptional artistic contribution.
5. INNOVATION STAR - recognition for a project, technology, or initiative that has introduced significant innovations and changed the way of thinking in a given field.
6. LEADER STAR - category for individuals or organizations that have significantly impacted the community for many years, engaging in charitable, social, or environmental activities.
7. VISIONARY STAR - award for someone whose vision and determination introduce significant changes in the industry or society, being ahead of their time.
8. STAR OF INSPIRATION - award for a person whose story, activity, or achievements inspire others, motivating action and personal development.
9. PR STAR - Effectiveness in communication. This category should nominate a person or agency with exceptional ability to manage communication and public relations effectively.
10. BUSINESS STAR – this award will only appear in the sponsorship offer where the business allows such a gesture.
11. Among all the candidates, the "AUDIENCE STAR" award will be selected, which will receive the greatest sympathy from our viewers/subscribers, and they will decide who will receive this award.

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Stars Night 2024 Nomination Submission Regulations

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Applications are accepted between February 16, 2024 and May 31, 2024