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11th Polish Rock Night & Friends!

11th Polish Rock Night & Friends! – A Report from the Exciting Rock Night at The Vortex Bar and Nightclub | Reporter Daniel Smykowski

On Saturday, April 13, 2024, The Vortex Bar and Nightclub in Wakefield became the vibrant hub of the Polish rock scene. "Polish Rock Night & Friends" attracted fans of powerful sounds, eager to enjoy rock rhythms together. This year's edition, the eleventh in history, proved that Polish rock is thriving and still capable of gathering an energetic community around it.

The event kicked off at 7:00 PM and quickly gained momentum thanks to performances by three excellent bands, each showcasing different facets of rock. Each brought something unique to the evening's atmosphere, creating unforgettable impressions.

Lightning Threads – Energetic Sounds Straight from Sheffield

Their music, full of electric riffs and memorable melodies, perfectly warmed up the gathered fans.

Rock Paper Sister also took to the stage, a band known for their captivating style, engaging the audience just as intensely.

The final band to perform was ALL I LIVE FOR from Leeds. Known for their strong, uncompromising sounds, they did not disappoint that night. Their performance was the climax of the evening, during which every rock fan could feel the true power of live music.

What makes "Polish Rock Night" so special is not just the music but also the atmosphere. Rock enthusiasts from different parts of the country come together to celebrate this musical night.

As every year, Polish Rock Night proved to be an event that no rock fan in the region can miss. The night ended with a promise of an even bigger event next year. Those who have experienced this night full of rock passion will surely want to repeat the experience.

So, if you love rock music and good company, don’t miss the 12th Polish Rock Night!

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