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Interview with Daniel Smykowski - Chief of WOSP of Bradford

Here is the instigator of the most heated atmosphere during WOŚP Bradford sztab7181

Interview with Kasia Kuljon

Introducing Kasia Kuljon, Head of the Auction Commission at the WOŚP Bradford branch 7181. Kasia was also one of the sponsors of this incredible event. Listen in.

Interview with Przemek

One-man band, that's Shemek Fitness Pro.

Interview with Tomek Lubert

Pleasant, friendly, delightful Tomasz Lubert. A wonderful person with a big heart, who, as he himself says, is a veteran of WOŚP as he has been supporting this event for years. This time, he visited the WOŚP Bradford team7181. Thank you for the wonderful conversation.

Performance by the children's music band - Qndel.

Tomasz Lubert - Composer, guitarist, and music producer. Founder of music bands Virgin, Video, and Volver, primarily associated with genres like pop and rock. Currently creating music for children. Ewa Lubert - Presenter of the Children's Hit List. Privately, she is the wife of Tomasz Lubert.

Performance by Rose and Tomek Lubert.

Performance by the band Rock Paper Sister.

A band that infuses the high-voltage energy of rock with the rhythmic grooves of funk, creating a sound that is as electrifying as it is infectious. This is not your ordinary rock band; this is a group of seasoned musicians who are bringing their rich experience to the forefront, crafting original material that stands out in the modern music scene.

Performance by the band Gwailo

The music produced by this North East outfit is designed to transport the senses and emotions of the listener on a Rock N Roll injected journey.

Assembled in 2016 and making their live debut in mid 2017 they have went from strength to strength continuing to deliver high energy and unforgettable shows across the UK supporting bands such as Australia's Massive and Manchester's Gorilla Riot.

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