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The Event was moved in time: Bristol: 31.05.2024 London: 02.06.2024 Birmingham: 01.06.2024

Tomasz Karolak Stand-Up - 50 and what?

Look forward to the contest and be ready to participate! You will have a chance to win two invitations for each performance. Details coming soon, as WYSPA TV has taken media patronage over this incredible event, indicating its unique character and significance.

Prepare for an unforgettable dose of laughter and intelligent humour! Tomasz Karolak invites you to his original stand-up show, which serves as a true summary of his long-standing career as an actor, musician, and vocalist.

Tomasz Karolak is not only extremely sharp and witty in his jokes but also uncompromising in expressing his views. His rock language will take you into the world of show business like you've never known.

But that's not all! Tomasz's stand-up will be interspersed with songs sung live by the artist himself. These are the songs that accompany him on his artistic journey, adding even more emotion to it.

We invite you to spectacular evenings of entertainment, full of laughter and music, in three cities in the United Kingdom: London, Bristol, and Birmingham! Don't miss this special event that will bring you excellent entertainment and lots of laughter!

Bristol: 31.05.2024 London: 02.06.2024 Birmingham: 01.06.2024

Tickets are already available, but the number of seats is limited, so don't hesitate to purchase! It will be an evening that will surely stay in your memory for a long time. See you there!

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