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Katy Carr & Frank Prazer receiving their awards

We wanted to share an extraordinary moment with you during this year's EastFest. This event celebrates diversity and brings together many cultures. It is the perfect setting to honour two remarkable individuals, Katy Carr and Frankie JE Prazer nominated for the Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023 award.
Katy Carr is an artist who, through her musical creations, nurtures Polish heritage and shares its beauty among various nations. Her music bridges our past to the present, and her dedication to promoting our roots is admirable.
Frank Prazer, on the other hand, is an exceptional advocate for multiculturalism and unity. He's the visionary behind East Fest, an incredible event that unites numerous nationalities and cultures.
Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Katy and Frank couldn't attend the Stars Night Gala by Wyspa TV 2023, which took place on June 24th at the Excellency Bolton Wedding Palace. However, we didn't want this special moment to go unnoticed. Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that Wyspa TV was the media patron of East Fest, we decided to present them with these beautiful statuettes exactly where their passion and dedication had drawn large crowds.
This wasn't just an honour for these two remarkable individuals; it was a symbolic gesture during an event that promoted unity, diversity, and a love for culture. We thank Katy Carr and Frank Prazer for their unwavering contributions to our community, inspiring all of us to strive for a better, more united world.
Thank you for being part of our community. Together, we're creating a more beautiful world.

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