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Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023 Maxjenny's Collection Fashion Show

Maxjenny's Amazing Fashion Show! at Gala Stars Night Wyspa TV - Combination of Art, Handicraft and Luxury.

On June 24, 2023, a special gala was held at the Excellency Bolton Wedding Palace to celebrate the second anniversary of Wyspa TV.

Gala Stars Night Wyspa TV was a great opportunity to present the latest Maxjenny collection! Models dressed in beautiful, colourful creations entered the catwalk, exuding confidence and elegance. Each project was a work of art that evoked various emotions among the gala guests. Maxjenny! attracted attention with its diversity and originality.

All the prints on the garments have been designed and made by Maxjenny herself. The artist used various tools such as a digital camera, pencil and computer to transfer her visions to fabrics carefully. Her approach to design allowed her to be extremely playful and experimental, resulting in unconventional and unique designs. Colours are a key element of the collection, telling countless stories and adding energy to any outfit.

Each piece of clothing was hand-made using traditional techniques, which gave the creations a timeless character. This combination of handicrafts and art made Maxjenny clothes! they are not only fashionable but also durable and unique.

The collection aroused admiration, and the presentation during the Stars Night Wyspa TV Gala was exceptionally spectacular.

Maxjenna's vision combines art, craftsmanship and luxury, resulting in clothes that inspire, delight and catch the eye. Her brand proves that fashion can be beautiful, expressive, and emotional. At the Stars Night Wyspa TV Gala, the brand proved to be a true leader in the fashion world, showing that fashion is worth looking for uniqueness and artistic vision.

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