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BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship | Race 8 | 10:45

The eighth round of the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship will take place at 10:45. This is a British Motorsports Club championship for young drivers aged 14 to 17 who compete against each other in specially prepared Ford Fiesta cars.
Maks Solarski starts from the third position, suggesting he has a chance for a good place in the race.
We are excited about this event. This event is very important for those interested in motor racing, so prepare yourself for an amazing experience on Sunday.

BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship | Race 14 | 16:45

Get ready for an unforgettable adrenaline because, at 16:45, the next round of the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship will start - a unique race in which young drivers will face each other on the race track.
Fans are waiting impatiently for this moment to see how young motorsport adepts will fight for victory.
In this race, we will see not only a fierce battle for first place but also, once again, we will be able to admire the skills of extremely talented drivers who strive to achieve their goals with passion and dedication.
Will Maks Solarski, who has already proven his skills on the track, be in the lead again? You will find out soon, during this unusual and exciting competition.
Don't miss this amazing event and join our team to experience the intensity of emotions that each BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship race brings with it!

BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship @SNETTERTON | APRIL 9 2023

To będzie niesamowicie ekscytujący dzień. Maks Solarski startuje z 3 pozycji.
Relacja z tego wydarzenia już w Niedzielę. Jesteśmy niesamowicie podekscytowani

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