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The Greatest Poles of 20th Century

On November 11, 1918, representatives of the German government signed a truce with the alliance states, ending the First World War. The Central Powers have been defeated. As a result, Poland regained its independence after 123 years of captivity. On this day, Poles worldwide celebrate this event with a sense of great pride, passing on to the next generations the most important historical events for Poland.
On Independence Day, students from the John Paul II Polish Saturday School in Liverpool organised a vernissage under the slogan "Great Poles of the Twentieth Century". At the vernissage, the profiles of those who fought for independence and spread the name of Poland around the world were presented.
On that day, the students proudly sang the Polish anthem of Mazurek Dąbrowski.

We invite you to watch the report from the Saturday vernissage organized by Polska Sobotnia Szkoła im. Jana Pawła II w Liverpoolu under the slogan "Great Poles of the 20th century" celebrating the Day of Poland Regaining Independence

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