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"Emanuel Skórka" Celebrates Success in the "Book of the Year 2023" Contest


We always strive to share stories with our readers that inspire, educate, and bring joy. Today, we have the unique opportunity to share with you a story from an event that stands out among the cultural successes of recent months. "Emanuel Skórka", a bilingual children's book (and not only), has won prestigious recognition in the "Book of the Year 2023" contest organized by the "Pisarze polscy" portal.

Creating the book "Emanuel Skórka" was both a passion and a mission for Anna Partyka Judge. The book, describing the adventures of a bilingual boy, created by the incredibly talented author and illustrated by Marta Kołodziejska, won the hearts of readers and the jury. The author, in an emotional message, shares her feelings, talking about "literally getting short of breath" from excitement and gratitude for the recognition received.

The success of "Emanuel Skórka" would not have been possible without the support of numerous fans and voters who noticed the uniqueness of this story. The author especially thanks the contest participants for their fair play and mutual support. The recognition is also the result of the work of the mysterious members of the Chapter, who recognized the value of "little fish" among literary "sharks and whales."

The culmination of the ceremony is the promise to share a touching musical story, flowing straight from the heart and violin of little Emanuel. This is an invitation to a world where music and literature combine, creating unforgettable impressions and emotions.

We proudly share this success and congratulate the author, illustrator, and everyone involved in the creation of "Emanuel Skórka". This is an example of how valuable children's literature can gain recognition and inspire generations. We encourage our readers to get acquainted with this unique book and enjoy every page of its story.

Let this success be an inspiration to further discover literary treasures and support for creators whose passion and talent bring beauty into our world. Wyspa TV remains with you, providing stories that have the power to change, teach, and entertain, regardless of the reader's age.

Author: Maria Anna Furman

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