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Did you come to England for a better life but feel like you're not realizing your full potential? - IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THAT! YOU CAN AFFORD MORE!

  • Do you feel stuck in a job that doesn't bring you satisfaction?
  • Have you been trying to improve the quality of your life for years, but it's been tough, and you've stopped believing you can change it?
  • You know what you don't want, but it's hard to set a new goal?
  • English reality overwhelms you, and you constantly feel like an immigrant here? Or maybe...
  • Language barrier and a lack of proper qualifications are effectively blocking you from taking action? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, the "YOU CAN AFFORD MORE" workshop is just for you. By participating in the workshop:
  • You will find meaning and direction for action.
  • You will gain inspiration and the energy necessary to strive for more.
  • You will learn about ways and opportunities for development in the UK (including financial support).
  • You will start boldly pursuing your dreams.
  • You will feel satisfaction and relief that you've done something important - the first step towards your development.
  • You will meet people who have been in a similar situation and have already improved their quality of life. Every journey begins with the first step. For you, that step might be participating in the "YOU CAN AFFORD MORE" workshop. Bring your friends along and reserve your spot today. https://careeractivator.co.uk/stac-cie-na-wiecej/ See you there.

    Monika and the Career Activator Team


Miejsce: Klub Orła Białego
211 Balham High Rd
SW17 7BQ
Czas trwania: 15:00 - 20:00

Cena: 29£


Miejsce: Polish Millennium House
Bordesley St,
B5 5PH
Czas trwania: 15:00 - 20:00

Cena: 29£


Czas trwania: 15:00 - 20:00

Cena: 29£

Jeśli spodobał Ci się ten film i chciałbyś/chciałabyś podziękować nam za naszą pracę, zachęcamy Cię do naciśnięcia przycisku „Subskrybuj” i wsparcia nas kwotą 2 funtów miesięcznie - byłoby to bardzo miłe z Twojej strony i pomogłoby to nam w rozwijaniu kanału Wyspa TV.

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