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Business People Interview with Marzeną Stefaniszyn | Delta Accounting LTD

The Success Story of Marzena Stefaniszyn - From Emigration to Accountant in Leeds

Marzena's move to the United Kingdom in 2009 was motivated by the desire to provide better educational and professional opportunities for her daughter. Soon after relocating, Marzena began her assimilation process, learning English and acquiring new professional qualifications. Her determination and hard work resulted in opening her own accounting office.

Education and Qualifications

Marzena has extensive experience in accounting, gained both in Poland and the UK. Her education includes studies in corporate financial management and postgraduate studies. Upon arriving in the UK, she also obtained qualifications for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Advisor Role and Industry Changes

Marzena emphasizes how the accounting industry is evolving and becoming increasingly automated. Her role as an accountant is shifting more towards consulting and analysis in response to the rapidly developing artificial intelligence in the industry.

Delta Accounting

Led by Marzena, Delta Accounting stands out from the competition due to its certification, individual approach to clients, and knowledge and experience. Marzena stresses the importance of an accounting office being up-to-date with regulations and standards, ensuring clients' safety and peace of mind.

Choosing a Professional Accountant

Marzena advises that when choosing an accountant, attention should be paid to certifications, experience, and the ability to understand the entrepreneur's needs. This is particularly important in light of the growing role of consulting in the accounting industry.


In her conversation, Marzena Stefaniszyn shows how vital passion and continuous improvement are in any profession, especially accounting. Her story is inspiring both for those considering a career in this field and for entrepreneurs looking for a trusted accounting advisor.

Content Author: Maria Anna Furman

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