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Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023 People

Robert Jankowski

Event's Announcer

Robert S. Jankowski is a character who exudes energy and enthusiasm. He infects everyone who is lucky enough to meet him. He is an independent entrepreneur with a heart that is always open to others, full of empathy and willingness to help. His free time is not only an opportunity to rest but also time to support charitable projects. Always ready and active in organizing various events and concerts. Indispensable in conducting successful charity auctions.

Robert Jankowski



Maxjenny! is a luxury clothing brand which dates back to the spring of 2017, when it was founded in Copenhagen. Currently, the brand has its flagship store in Stockholm, located at Riddargatan 2.

The brand's slogan is "The secret is in the sauce, " reflecting a unique approach to designing and creating clothes. All the prints on the garments have been designed and made by Maxjenny. The artist uses various tools such as a digital camera, pencil and computer to transfer her visions onto fabrics carefully. With high-quality craftsmanship and an international approach, Maxjenny's clothing line! is aimed at a demanding, contemporary audience with diverse tastes.

Each piece of clothing is handmade using traditional techniques, which makes the created clothes a timeless character. Unusual yet luxurious and extremely stylish Maxjenny brand identity! makes it hard to miss. Each project is treated as a work of art designed to evoke emotions and evoke admiration.

“Working with a more artistic approach to fashion is a gift in my work,” enthuses Maxjenny. "It gives me new ways to explore my design, fuels my creativity and gives me energy." The artist emphasizes that working with prints makes her extremely fun and experimental. She loves how colours can leave a mark and prints have the ability to surprise. Her paintings are incredibly fascinating and tell many stories, they are an unfathomable source of inspiration, and their combinations are practically endless - making the artist love what she does.

Maxjenny! offers colourful collections of women's clothing addressed to an increasing number of women worldwide. The brand focuses on prints as the central motif of its designs, giving them uniqueness and expressiveness.

With a mix of arts, crafts and fashion, Maxjenny! creates unique and unrepeatable clothes that gain recognition among lovers of an artistic approach to style. This brand offers clothes and transfers stories and emotions to fabrics, creating unforgettable experiences in the fashion world.

Halina Rosa Art - Designer


Belly Dance

It promises to be an unforgettable night! STARS NIGHT WYSPA TV 2023 will provide you with many extraordinary attractions. One of them will undoubtedly be the breathtaking performance of the wonderful dancer Muna Mutesi Meachem from the agency Taste of Cairo.

Her beautiful dances combine tradition and modernity and take you to an exotic land of sensual experiences. Muna will introduce you to an interactive dance world that will make your senses swirl on the dance floor. Her performance is a true masterpiece that will stay in your memory for a long time and arouse incredible emotions. She will perform for you in belly dance - a dance style originating from Arab culture that has gained recognition worldwide. Sensual hip and belly movements, precise movements of hands and feet, all to the rhythm of the music that will get you ready to party.

As an experienced dancer, Muna will provide unforgettable entertainment and take you on an amazing, full-of-energy, emotional visual journey. Don't miss this opportunity to see this spectacular performance and join us at an amazing party. Get ready for an evening full of experiences that will take you into madness and entertainment!

The Charts

Live Band

Dear all, get ready to be blown away by the stunning vocal abilities of our performer at the Stars Night Wyspa TV! The incredible talent of Adrian Prudnikow & The Charts & Artur Nadolny will captivate you with their melodies and powerful voice, making your heart beat faster. With a voice that can move mountains and a stage presence that demands attention, you can sit back, relax, and let this phenomenal artist take you on a musical journey at Stars Night Wyspa TV 2023 that you will never forget. Get ready for an evening of pure magic and let the music transport you to another world.

Dear all, our honorary guests of the Stars Night Wyspa TV were joined by an amazing man Ivo Bruno Pomorski, who is the President of the Board of the Dance Vision World Foundation - a trainer, professional choreographer and a diploma of the Royal Society of Dance Teachers in London.
He will arrange the Fashion Show of the MAXJENNY collection of the famous designer who dresses the Swedish royal family. For us, it is an incredible honour, distinction, and great prestige of the event.
Ivo Bruno Pomorski is also a Polish and international judge and stage director with extensive experience, being the creator of 128 projects both in Poland and abroad. His work includes television shows, musicals and commercials.
Dance Vision World Foundation is built on the rich tradition of 27 years of Dance Vision Poland, led by Maria Banaszek.
The foundation operates throughout Poland, mainly in Gdańsk, and is an International Dance Studio and an Academy, and its inseparable element is dance theatre.
It has a 25-year tradition of winning multiple titles of Polish Champion and World Champion in Hip Hop Dance, simultaneously representing the country at the IDO and IFMD World Championships.
In addition, it is the organizer of the Polish Dance Oscars Award 2023. It will also be a big event, which will take place on December 2, 2023, at the Warszawianka Congress Centre.